Stand Your Ground Mr. President We're With You !

Written by J.R.

I don't know about anyone else but I have had it with this ridiculous assertion that President Bush was AWOL from The National Guard in 1972. The President had provided proof in 2000 that this was not true and now is again having to provide proof in 2004 ofrepparttar same. Enough already. The President has responded to his critics and should closerepparttar 125992 book on this issue.

They will not stop. A news article released just today quotes Terry McAuliffe, chairman ofrepparttar 125993 DNC as saying:

"The fact remains that there is still no evidence that George W. Bush showed up for duty as ordered while in Alabama," McAuliffe said

The records, some being released forrepparttar 125994 first time, didn't satisfy Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe. He argued thatrepparttar 125995 payroll and summary service records posed more questions than they answered.

McAuliffe continues to try and resurrect this issue even after officials say that Bush's service is satisfactory:

"This paperwork doesn't say where he was or what type of training he conducted," said Lt. Col. Scott Gorske, a military fellow atrepparttar 125996 Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. "What it does say isrepparttar 125997 days that he did train and that he got paid."

He said National Guard members are not necessarily required to attend a drill each month, but rather to train a certain amount of time over a 12-month period. That is why Bush could have met his yearly service requirements even if there were some months in which he did not attend a drill, Gorske said.

Folks, President Bush received an HONORABLE DISCHARGE fromrepparttar 125998 National Guard. You would think withrepparttar 125999 wayrepparttar 126000 DNC is on this ridiculous ranting thatrepparttar 126001 President received a dishonorable discharge. I might understand their tenacity if that wasrepparttar 126002 case, but it isn't.

Quite franklyrepparttar 126003 questions were asked and answered in 2000.

So, President Bush is not a war hero, Oh, okay, so that means that he shouldn't be President ? What a ridiculous thought that is. Especially after Slick Willie was elected and was President for eight years, and never served in ANY military capacity at all, and as a matter of fact, dodgedrepparttar 126004 draft by going to England to protest, er, I mean get an education at Oxford University.

When President George H.W. Bush, in 1992, alluded torepparttar 126005 fact that Clinton never served inrepparttar 126006 military and in fact dodgedrepparttar 126007 draft, it was John Kerry who chastisedrepparttar 126008 President for calling attention torepparttar 126009 fact and stated that military service didn't matter. Now all of a sudden if you are not a war hero you are not qualified to be President. Funny we didn't hear from McAuliffe on Clinton's military career, oh that's right I forgot, he doesn't have one.

And, as for our current soon to be democratic Presidential nominee, yes he was a war hero, yes he saved a few lives, but how many lives were lost as a result of him and Hanoi Jane by giving aid and comfort torepparttar 126010 enemy by protesting and calling America's Vietnam Vets, murderers, rapists, and Ghingas Khans. How about Mr. Phoney baloney, throwing away his, oops I mean, someone else's medals in Washington. His are still on his wall. How genuine is that, and later on in life he now reveres those medals, why don'trepparttar 126011 rest ofrepparttar 126012 veterans who actually threw theirs away speak out .

The Commander in Chief's Bold Surprise Iraq Visit: Happy Thanksgiving !

Written by J.R.

President Bush stunned his critics,repparttar troops and indeedrepparttar 125991 world, when he flew into Baghdad International Airport on Thanksgiving Day. The President, who was visibly emotional, received a standing ovation fromrepparttar 125992 troops, who were obviously estatic byrepparttar 125993 surprise visit. What a great morale booster forrepparttar 125994 troops, and indeed, America.

This, my friends, isrepparttar 125995 mark of a true leader ! A man who has compassion about his convictions, a man who when speaking to Troops wherever he goes is truly emotional, because he means what he says and shows it. The President cares about and supportsrepparttar 125996 United States military and they love and support him as well.

The liberals can't stand this. The main stream news media is already whining and sniveling that they were lied to (boy what a change, it's usuallyrepparttar 125997 other way around) and mislead, this will lead to a precedent, etc.,etc., blah,blah,blah.

The troops all across Iraq could not have been happier. The comments ofrepparttar 125998 troops showed their admiration forrepparttar 125999 President. "That is absolutely awesome", "I think that shows real personal courage", "This is definitely a good move for morale", " It makes us feel better that our leader is actually here with us on a holiday", " I think this is a great move", " It sends a strong message fromrepparttar 126000 commander in chief that we're focused on winning ", "It's a real morale booster", It's a total morale booster", "I didn't get to see him but what matters is that he cares enough to come and visit".

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