Written by Steve Hill

Author Stephen Hill

Stammering or as it is sometimes known as stuttering is a form of speech impediment.

My name is Stephen Hill and I had a stammer for eighteen years. I went to various types of speech therapy which even though was of some use, never really offered me any hope of a "cure".

Atrepparttar age of twenty two, after a lot of hard work I managed to overcomerepparttar 148201 stammer and I now help other people to achieve fluency.

These arerepparttar 148202 types of situation that I found that I was most likely to stammer: Ordering food and drink at a bar Phone calls Introducing people Meeting new people Talking when under pressure Talking when tired or stressed

On my first day at senior school, all ofrepparttar 148203 first year pupils were shown to their form room, including


Written by Stephen Hill

Author: Stephen Hill


Stutter or stuttering can have a dramatic effect on somebodys confidence.

Fluent people really can not comprehend how hard it is to live your life with a speech impediment or stutter.

I run one to one speech courses in Birmingham and one of my clients once told me about a situation he was involved in. He and his friends went to a bar one Saturday afternoon to have a few drinks. After a couple of pints he went up torepparttar bar to order himself a drink. Unfortunately he could not speak all ofrepparttar 148200 words fluently andrepparttar 148201 bar man accused him of being drunk and refused to serve him. He tried to explain that he was not drunk but had a stutter butrepparttar 148202 bar man said "That's what they all say"

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