Stake Your Claim On The Web1

Written by BB Lee

Stake Your Claim On The Web! by BB Lee (c)2002


Once upon a timerepparttar World Wide Web was a vast new wilderness, waiting for new settlers to discover their hidden territory. Now, that's changed. As many new Entrepreneurs are parking their sites left and right, grabbing a piece ofrepparttar 117537 web for their own personal or business pages.

With a bit of work and dedicated perseverance you can claim your own piece ofrepparttar 117538 World Wide Web.

Most Internet service providers offer their customers a space to place a basic home page onrepparttar 117539 World Wide Web. Withrepparttar 117540 basic home page you will get your very own URL. (Universal Resource Locater)

This will be your personal address onrepparttar 117541 web. Now, anyone who knows your URL will know how to contact you onrepparttar 117542 World Wide Web. Even if they are onrepparttar 117543 other side ofrepparttar 117544 world!

Many places exist where you can easily set up a free home page account. Here are a few popular choices:

You could also surf to

Type Free Web Host intorepparttar 117545 search box. And then check outrepparttar 117546 top Free Web Host. Comparing their services.

Here are a few cool reasons to start a Web Page:

-Use your new Web Page to start a business idea. -Advertise where guest can find your Wedding. -Information on an upcoming family reunion. -To put together a class reunion and find classmates. -Publish your ideas about life torepparttar 117547 world. -Publish your works of art and literature torepparttar 117548 world. -Build a page to help with a charity or personal project. Web pages are written in HTML. This is a special language read by computers. There are special editors that will let you compose HTML documents quite easily.

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