Stair Rail Decorating Ideas

Written by Donna Jolean

Little things makerepparttar difference.

Dress up a plain wooden stair rail by using an ornamental curtain finial. Simply screw into place. You'll find finials to be reasonably priced, so you may want to use more than one. I like to put one atrepparttar 100046 entrance or bottom ofrepparttar 100047 stairs and one atrepparttar 100048 top ofrepparttar 100049 stair landing.

There are loads of finials to choose from,repparttar 100050 selection is endless. When trying to decide which finial is right for you and your stair rail, remember to think about your personality, how you want to reflect it and what would make you smile every time you climb those stairs. If you consider yourselfrepparttar 100051 traditionalists, go with a pineapple or acorn finial, in a brass or pewter finish. If an up-town look is what you have in mind, add sparkle with a dressy crystal finial.

Single hung aluminum window glass repair

Written by John Rocco

Let's talk about repairing broken glass in an aluminum frame single hung window. If it'srepparttar lower sash pane that is broken, it must be removed fromrepparttar 100045 inside. You are going to have one of three different mechanisms that holdrepparttar 100046 lower sash up when you slide it open. If you can't see any mechanisms onrepparttar 100047 sides, then you have a block and tackle system consisting of a string and spring assembly. Findrepparttar 100048 thin metal clips inrepparttar 100049 side jambs just aboverepparttar 100050 sash. Pullrepparttar 100051 bottom ofrepparttar 100052 clip out using a screwdriver or your fingernail. Do that on both sides. Then remove any rubber stops atrepparttar 100053 very top ofrepparttar 100054 window. Raiserepparttar 100055 window as high as it will go. The block and tackle assemblies will get snagged inrepparttar 100056 metal clips, allowing you to removerepparttar 100057 window sash. You would replacerepparttar 100058 glass usingrepparttar 100059 same method described in our article about sliding window repairs. Once you haverepparttar 100060 new glass installed, installrepparttar 100061 window panel inrepparttar 100062 reverse order that you removed it. Closerepparttar 100063 window and pushrepparttar 100064 metal clips back. Installrepparttar 100065 rubber stops atrepparttar 100066 top.

If you have a mechanism acrossrepparttar 100067 top ofrepparttar 100068 window with a string coming down each side and screwed intorepparttar 100069 top corners ofrepparttar 100070 window sash, you need to removerepparttar 100071 screws holdingrepparttar 100072 strings in place. But before you removerepparttar 100073 screws, you need to remove one ofrepparttar 100074 black plastic pieces that coverrepparttar 100075 side jamb. Raiserepparttar 100076 window allrepparttar 100077 way up, then put a flat screwdriver atrepparttar 100078 very bottom ofrepparttar 100079 plastic piece and pull outward until you can grab it with your fingers. Sliderepparttar 100080 plastic out. Now removerepparttar 100081 screws holdingrepparttar 100082 strings. Be sure to holdrepparttar 100083 string in one hand while removingrepparttar 100084 screw, becauserepparttar 100085 string is under tension. After removingrepparttar 100086 screw, letrepparttar 100087 string slowly go back up. Pullrepparttar 100088 panel torepparttar 100089 side that you removedrepparttar 100090 black plastic piece, and removerepparttar 100091 panel. Remember, two of your corner screws will be removed at this point, andrepparttar 100092 proper way to removerepparttar 100093 frame fromrepparttar 100094 glass is to remove opposite corner screws. So, you should put one ofrepparttar 100095 string screws back in and removerepparttar 100096 corner screw oppositerepparttar 100097 removed string screw. Then, when you installrepparttar 100098 new glass, removerepparttar 100099 string screw and installrepparttar 100100 strings. Raiserepparttar 100101 window up and installrepparttar 100102 black plastic piece by sliding it up betweenrepparttar 100103 frame and side jamb.

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