Spruce up your garden with Birdhouses

Written by Johann Erickson

Decorative Birdhouses are active garden ornamentation --the presence and movement of birds creates a fluid focal point for your garden. As such, placement is critical for you to earn maximum benefit from your birdhouses. Cavity nesting birds will not be attracted to your garden withoutrepparttar appropriate environment. Each bird has a particular way they want to live and specific needs.

You'll have a better chance of gettingrepparttar 116191 feathered tenant of your choice if you do your research. For example, if you want to host Eastern Bluebirds, you'll need to placerepparttar 116192 birdhouse at approximately 5 feet high and provide an entrance of 1 ˝ inch in diameter. Onrepparttar 116193 other hand, The Northern Flicker is drawn by heights of up to 30 feet and needs a southeast facing home. Wrens like their nests to be located in shrubs, while Swallows desire close proximity to bodies of water. Building a pond or enhancing an existing one will make your garden more attractive to these particular birds. You will also enjoyrepparttar 116194 added aesthetic.

Porcelain Dolls - not just for kids anymore

Written by Johann Erickson

Doll collecting isrepparttar second most popular hobby inrepparttar 116190 U.S., and it’s easy to see why. Porcelain Dolls transport us back to our childhood and evoke memories that no other toy can match. We remember our first doll, our favorite doll,repparttar 116191 doll we loved to pieces andrepparttar 116192 beautiful doll we kept on a high shelf. We rememberrepparttar 116193 comfort and love our dolls gave us andrepparttar 116194 first time we realized we were too old for our dolls. But were we really?

Consider porcelain dolls, they’rerepparttar 116195 perfect collectible doll. With delicate faces and hands, they remind us of why we loved dolls so much inrepparttar 116196 first place. There are tiny, precious newborn porcelain dolls, child-like porcelain dolls in fancy attire, and porcelain dolls based on favorite characters.

Porcelain doll collecting can be addictive, andrepparttar 116197 choices can be overwhelming. There are artist dolls, made by hand in limited numbers; antique porcelain dolls, which are scarce; limited edition dolls, which are mass-produced but only in limited numbers; reproductions, that often attempt to duplicate popular antique or rare dolls; and many, many other types of porcelain dolls.

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