Spring Into Action: Home Maintenance

Written by Wallace J. Conway

Spring has sprung! Even more important than buds, birds, and bees, spring brings buyers! When buyers are looking for a place to nest, they would really rather not see problems. As it turns out, nearly every home inspected has problems or imperfections of some sort or size. Most issues are very minor and simple to correct. Almost all are a result of deferred maintenance.

Most of these simple deferred maintenance problems, when discovered duringrepparttar home inspection, causerepparttar 100125 majority ofrepparttar 100126 headaches when trying to bring a contract to close. Withrepparttar 100127 five quick checks described below it is probable that 90% or more ofrepparttar 100128 minor maintained items typically discovered inrepparttar 100129 home inspection could be eliminated, and with them a great portion ofrepparttar 100130 time and stress associated with their correction:

Dirty Filter and Coils inrepparttar 100131 Heat Pump. The clean and efficient flow of conditioned air as well asrepparttar 100132 longevity of this very expensive system is dependant on proper airflow. A professional cleaning is most always well under $100. Routine filter replacement can be done by a homeowner for about a dollar.

Poor Caulking of Ceramic Tile inrepparttar 100133 Tub and Shower Area. The cost to repair or replace a rotted shower wall often exceeds thousands of dollars. This is an avoidable event! A homeowner can accomplish caulking of tiled areas easily for under $20. If a crack inrepparttar 100134 caulk or grout is visible, you can believe it's large enough for water to pass!

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) not Properly Functioning. GFCI's arerepparttar 100135 electrical outlets that haverepparttar 100136 "press" and "test" buttons. These devices are critically important in reducingrepparttar 100137 chance for electrocution. The homeowner can testrepparttar 100138 devices by pushingrepparttar 100139 "test" button. The cost of a new GFCI is less than $10. They can be installed in less than 10 minutes.

Peace of Mind for Home Inspections: Choose the Right Inspector!

Written by Wallace J. Conway

As sure asrepparttar spring flows at The Fountain of Youth, home inspecting provides a stream of knowledge to wash awayrepparttar 100124 fears of home buyers. But fear may be replaced by frustration ifrepparttar 100125 wrong inspector is chosen! Some pointers on selecting your next home inspector will go a long way toward makingrepparttar 100126 process a happy one.

Be sure to ask how longrepparttar 100127 inspector has been inrepparttar 100128 inspection business. Longevity gives comfort thatrepparttar 100129 company will be with you inrepparttar 100130 future as new needs and issues arise.

How many inspections hasrepparttar 100131 inspector personally performed? This is important! An inspector may have been in business for 5 years but inspected less than a dozen homes. Your home buying decision is far too important to be a practice place for a part-time inspector.

Confirm that your inspector has experience in homes similar torepparttar 100132 home you are having inspected. All homes have some systems and features in common, but new home in Eagle Harbor has risks and issues that differ from an historic beauty in St. Augustine. Only someone who has walkedrepparttar 100133 walk and crawledrepparttar 100134 crawl numerous times in similar homes can sleuth out those important items.

Didrepparttar 100135 American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) certifyrepparttar 100136 inspector? In Florida,repparttar 100137 business of home inspection is unregulated. This makes it especially important to verify professional credentials and experiences before making a selection.

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