Spring Fashion Etiquette

Written by Sher Matsen

Spring Fashion Etiquette

Spring can be a busy time – more events to attend, more outings to go to. So what’srepparttar right fashion etiquette forrepparttar 136133 occasion?

Get together inrepparttar 136134 near future?

A re-union? Try something in a festive jewel tone and be sure to finish your look with some fabulous shoes and hand bag and don’t forgetrepparttar 136135 jewelry. Add earrings and a necklace to finish your look.

A baptism – you’rerepparttar 136136 godmother? Try a soft flowing skirt and a cap sleeve blouse. Or how about a nice light shift topped with a print jacket. You’ll look stylish but you won’t be over done. Pay attention torepparttar 136137 shoes on your feet – classy but comfort is important because you’ll be standing for a while. Add some light jewelry, a pair of baguette studs and a chain and you’ll be ready.

A date for high tea? Althoughrepparttar 136138 formality of white gloves is gone it is still important to dress nicely. Do not wear jeans or a sloppy shirt. Ifrepparttar 136139 high tea is an informal meeting then pants with a nice light jacket is spring colors is appropriate. If high tea is to honor someone then step it up a notch with a nice light skirt and top, or a nice light dress with jacket. Some funky jewelry forrepparttar 136140 casual get together or more elegant jewelry forrepparttar 136141 more formal get together.

Cocktails? There are plenty of options for cocktails. A light weight dress in spring colors with short sleeves, dress it up a little with three quarter sleeves. Go for a fun print, v necklines are great, and don’t forgetrepparttar 136142 finishing touches with jewelry. Try some dangle or chandelier earrings. Add a tennis bracelet or bead necklace, some fun but sexy shoes and your set.

Wedding? Make certain you’re not resemblingrepparttar 136143 bride or taking away from her day by outdoing her. Contrary to popular belief black is an acceptable color for a wedding. Decide what you’re wearing torepparttar 136144 wedding based onrepparttar 136145 type of wedding – is it formal choose a formal dress. Semi casual – skirt and blazer. Beach wedding – something soft and flowing. Add appropriate jewelry, shoes, and handbag.


Written by http://www.purposeskincare.com

Last year, more than eight-point-seven-million people underwent cosmetic procedures to enhance what nature gave them, or didn’t. But experts tell us that Americans may be jumping into invasive procedures too quickly.

Despiterepparttar media coverage of makeover reality shows,repparttar 136028 majority of Americans are not looking for extreme transformations. According torepparttar 136029 American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, most of us want to look better, naturally, with 68-percent preferring a subtle change. And experts agree that looking your best could be accomplished at home for considerably less.

Dr. Linda Franks, a leader inrepparttar 136030 specialized skin care frontier, says “To get that timeless, healthy look you need to start with an appropriate skincare regime. Taking good care of your skin can stave off fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and even dry skin.”

Where to begin? Atrepparttar 136031 sink! Doctors say whatever your skin type,repparttar 136032 key is to cleanse it gently. Avoid hot water and use lukewarm instead, to prevent over-drying. And throw inrepparttar 136033 towel – traditional washcloths are too abrasive forrepparttar 136034 face, so use your hands and fingers.

Sixty-eight-percent of women claim to have sensitive skin which means dry, tight, chapped or easily irritated skin. Dr. Franks advises moisturizing regularly and avoiding harsh cleansers with ingredients such as fragrances, dyes and preservatives because sensitive skin is easily damaged and takes longer to recover.

If your skin is dry and easily irritated, don’t wash more than once a day. You may risk strippingrepparttar 136035 skin of its natural oils. Dr. Franks recommends looking for non-irritating cleansing washes that are soap-free, moisturizers that are light, oil-free, and water-based to help maintainrepparttar 136036 skin’s natural barrier. Another tip—make sure to choose a facial moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15, which protects against both UVB and UVA rays.

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