Spring Cleaning is Always in Season

Written by Vincent Platania

Lemon scents wafting throughrepparttar halls, dust bunnies banished, crisp, clean curtains waving inrepparttar 148298 wind. Ahhh, spring cleaning.

Didrepparttar 148299 season pass you by? Never fear. It doesn't have to be spring for homeowners to getrepparttar 148300 itch to clean house. No matter what season it is, homeowners can enjoy that same feeling by shakingrepparttar 148301 dirt down fromrepparttar 148302 ceiling and sweeping it outrepparttar 148303 door.

Clean scents, polished floors, spotless window glass, and scrubbed decks - here we come.

Plan Ahead

Before jumping in gather tools, cleaning supplies, buckets, trash bags, boxes, and a few friends to help out. Wear something old so good clothes won't get stained, or bleached.

Decide how much time it will take to clean based onrepparttar 148304 size of your home and how many family members will pitch in.

Tool Time

A week before you plan to start your spring cleaning marathon, review what supplies you have on hand. Do you have:

- Ammonia for wiping away grease

- Foaming cleaners for bathtubs

- Squeegees to make quick work of window washing

- Buckets for mixing concentrated cleaners

- Cleaners made for washing cars and trucks

- Oven cleaner

- Floor cleaners for wood and linoleum

- Stiff-bristled large brooms to sweep away winter dirt

- Angled soft-bristle brooms for indoor use

- Sponges and scrubbing brushes for general use

- Lambswool and ostrich feather dusters to clean in hard-to-reach places

- Laundry detergent booster

- Static free cleaner for electronics

- Oil soaps for wood cabinets

- Cleaners formulated for artificial plants

- Oxygenizing cleaner to remove spots and stains without bleaching fabrics, upholstery or carpets

- Other brushes for specific uses: toilet bowl brush, refrigerator coil brush

- Ladder for reading ceiling fans, tall bookcases and to wash windows

Purchase versatile concentrated cleaners when possible. Benefits include being able to dilute cleaner to different strengths depending onrepparttar 148305 cleaning job involved. They also cost less per use and require less packing making them environmentally-friendly.

Brushes and brooms that are made for a specific purpose makerepparttar 148306 job easier. Toilet bowl brushes scrub underrepparttar 148307 rim with less effort. Cleaning refrigerator coils is as easy as an afterthought when you use a soft brush made for just that job.

A lamb's wool duster with extended pole makes it easy to sweep walls and ceilings for cobwebs and dust. The static inrepparttar 148308 wool works like a magnet to attract dust with little effort on your part. Rags, sponges, gloves that protect your hands fromrepparttar 148309 effects of cleaners, mops, and brooms can be stored in one place until you need them. A small laundry basket or extra bucket can be used to carry supplies from room to room. Create one bucket of supplies for bedrooms, living rooms, dining areas, and one bucket of supplies for bathrooms andrepparttar 148310 kitchen.

A Man and His Baby

Written by Ieuan Dolby

When a couple steps forth with a baby in tow everything in life is stable and normal. People hold open doors, hard shopkeepers “chuck” and go all gooey before catching themselves and generally life is an easy ride. But gentlemen, when he who dares to step-out with a baby in tow (minusrepparttar wife) life becomes a series of obstacles that never ceases to surprise.

I don’t mean a trip torepparttar 148259 corner shop, “no siree”! I mean a fully-fledged trip into town, pram, milk bottles and spare nappies to boot! Small things are immediately noticeable, like that hard and mean-looking grocer downrepparttar 148260 road! When my wife goes in to his establishment he goes all gooey, in fact he doesn’t notice me at all; just talks to my wife and son and ignores me as if I wasrepparttar 148261 invisible man. But walking in to his shop with only my son, an apple to buy beforerepparttar 148262 days outing ahead and he became meaner and harder. In fact he noticed me forrepparttar 148263 first time, glared at me as if I had just stolenrepparttar 148264 kid and was onrepparttar 148265 run and said “hope that’s not forrepparttar 148266 little one”! I felt like saying what’s it got to do with you mate but ……………onrepparttar 148267 busrepparttar 148268 driver who suggested that I sit nearrepparttar 148269 front instead of upstairs was nearly out of his seat and takingrepparttar 148270 part of usher before realizing that this was not really in his job description!

Somehow some basic human instinct suggests that ‘man’ is neither capable nor fit to look after a baby! This instinct immediately raisesrepparttar 148271 hairs onrepparttar 148272 backs of people’s necks, images of disaster loom in their minds and unseen forces push them forwards to offer help. They do not see a happy and carefree father pushing his laughing baby along inrepparttar 148273 pram, they see a harried father who is at his wits end and who is desperate for help. They see a tormented and unwilling baby, screaming and kicking in desperation, a father who is pulling his hair out and desperately looking around for somebody to just show him what to do.

Once in town and inrepparttar 148274 department store I headed straight forrepparttar 148275 baby changing room! Same routine as always except minus one cog –repparttar 148276 wife! I did what I had done so many times before whilst my wife had sat down to read a magazine. Well,repparttar 148277 plan wasrepparttar 148278 same as all those times before, makerepparttar 148279 milk give my sonrepparttar 148280 bottle, lay him down onrepparttar 148281 nappy changing “thingy”, change his nappy, etc! I did not even get as far asrepparttar 148282 hot water dispenser! One mum, before I had even enteredrepparttar 148283 room stopped me in my tracks and in a very serious way informed me thatrepparttar 148284 seat belt onrepparttar 148285 pram was not fastened. One has to be polite in situations like these; I myself planning ahead as always had removedrepparttar 148286 seat belt just then in preparation for lifting my son out of it once insiderepparttar 148287 baby room. I did not know ofrepparttar 148288 golden rule that one cannot unfastenrepparttar 148289 seat belt until well inside closed doors!

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