Spring Chores at the Cabin

Written by Elly Kendall

Whether you live in your cabin year round or it's been closed up forrepparttar winter, it's time for spring cleaning. It's hard to get motivated. We'd all rather be out playing inrepparttar 118021 sun and enjoyingrepparttar 118022 spring afterrepparttar 118023 long cold winter. I thought I would share my "to do" list and some helpful tips to get you started so we can both getrepparttar 118024 chores done.

I like to start with my fireplace. Hiring a local chimney sweep is not always possible in very rural areas such as we live. I have a heavy 25' chain that works very well. Fromrepparttar 118025 roof I removerepparttar 118026 spark arrester then slowly drop one end ofrepparttar 118027 chain downrepparttar 118028 chimney, holding ontorepparttar 118029 other end. Slowly rotaterepparttar 118030 chain so it rubs firmly againstrepparttar 118031 inside ofrepparttar 118032 chimney. Keep swirlingrepparttar 118033 chain for several minutes, pull outrepparttar 118034 chain, cleanrepparttar 118035 spark arrester with a soft brush and replacerepparttar 118036 arrester. Keep in mind 2 things: 1. make surerepparttar 118037 pitch of your roof is safe to stand on and 2. Your chimney must be straight with no elbows for this technique to work. Ifrepparttar 118038 pipe has an elbow userepparttar 118039 chain technique then disconnectrepparttar 118040 pipe atrepparttar 118041 elbow to clean it with a wire brush and removerepparttar 118042 ash and pitch. Reattachrepparttar 118043 pipe. All that's left is to cleanrepparttar 118044 inside ofrepparttar 118045 fireplace or wood stove, remove allrepparttar 118046 ash and pitch residue that has dropped fromrepparttar 118047 chimney cleaning. I use oven cleaner, a Teflon scrubby then window cleaner onrepparttar 118048 heat tempered glass whenrepparttar 118049 pitch has built up that awful amber film. My wood stove gets a new coat of black stove polish too.

Now thatrepparttar 118050 fireplace and wood stove are clean and allrepparttar 118051 ash has settled I dust and vacuumrepparttar 118052 entire cabin thoroughly. I use lemon oil on my log walls and a small pan of water stays on my wood stove to put some moisture back intorepparttar 118053 dry air from wood heat. Next I tacklerepparttar 118054 windows.

Okay, so everyone knows how to cleanrepparttar 118055 windows but don't forgetrepparttar 118056 window runners, check for any leaking that may have occurred duringrepparttar 118057 winter and clean allrepparttar 118058 window treatments. Drapes, curtains, louvered blinds, cornices, screens and sunscreens all get a thorough cleaning. It's a good days work just on windows but it's worth it as I love to open my blinds and enjoyrepparttar 118059 beautiful spring sunshine and blooming flowers.

An Affordable Shortcut To Designing Your Dream Home

Written by J. Terrence McDermott

You have likely been making mental notes for years. Every book or magazine that you read and each home that you visit has become a source for pieces torepparttar puzzle that can become your new home. You donít know a thing about architecture, designing or drafting but that shouldnít stop you from takingrepparttar 118020 dream house that you have pictured in your head and making it a reality.

There are two ways that you can approachrepparttar 118021 creation of new house plans from which a builder can work:

1.Hire an architect 2.Make alterations to an existing house plan

There are many benefits to working directly with an architect. You will be able to sit down with an experienced designer and review, very specifically, all ofrepparttar 118022 ideas and requirements forrepparttar 118023 home that you have in mind. The architect can give suggestions and help you to avoid problems that you may not have anticipated. However, be prepared to pay handsomely for this service. A good architect does not come cheap.

An economical compromise is to modify existing new house plans. There are hundreds of publications and websites that specialize in developing house plans that are available for purchase. These packaged plans are designed by professional architects and are available in a variety of styles, sizes and price-ranges. In many cases, you can visit a website and enterrepparttar 118024 various criteria forrepparttar 118025 home that you desire and an internal search engine will match your specs with plans in inventory.

You should be looking for companies that will allow you to modify existing house plans. Not all of them will. When you find one that has a large enough inventory of plans, takerepparttar 118026 specifications that you have developed forrepparttar 118027 house that you want to build and userepparttar 118028 siteís search engine to find compatible designs. You will likely be indicating basics such as:

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