Splitting the Heat and the Noise

Written by Thomas Yoon

The most common air conditioning units we see nowadays isrepparttar air-cooled split unit. It used to berepparttar 133437 window unit many years ago. I guess it must be quietness ofrepparttar 133438 split units that wonrepparttar 133439 hearts ofrepparttar 133440 users.

In any air conditioning unit, there must be a process for absorbing heat fromrepparttar 133441 indoors and discharging it torepparttar 133442 outdoors. For air-cooled units,repparttar 133443 heat is discharged directly torepparttar 133444 atmosphere.

What'srepparttar 133445 difference then between window units and split units?

Inrepparttar 133446 window units,repparttar 133447 whole refrigeration circuit is installed in a box-like enclosure. The cold portion is separated fromrepparttar 133448 hot portion by partitions. Asrepparttar 133449 name suggests, usually it is installed at a window, mainly because this isrepparttar 133450 easiest place to make an opening inrepparttar 133451 wall. Failure to find a window opening may mean hackingrepparttar 133452 wall to create an opening roughlyrepparttar 133453 same size asrepparttar 133454 window air cond unit.

Becauserepparttar 133455 compressor, blower fan, condenser fans and other moving machinery are all installed inrepparttar 133456 same box, much ofrepparttar 133457 noise they make gets transmitted torepparttar 133458 room indoors. This type of air conditioning unit tends to be quite noisy.

What's so Special about Air-Conditioning Compressors?

Written by Thomas Yoon

What'srepparttar difference between an air-conditioning compressor and an air compressor?

Obvious question? Or is there more to it thanrepparttar 133436 different kind of gas thatrepparttar 133437 compressor handles?

Of courserepparttar 133438 refrigerant gas has something to do withrepparttar 133439 design ofrepparttar 133440 air-conditioning compressor. For one thing,repparttar 133441 refrigerant gas has a unique property of being a liquid at normal room temperatures, and it can become a gas at a slightly higher temperature.

Furthermore,repparttar 133442 lubricant oil can mix freely withrepparttar 133443 refrigerant gas! Andrepparttar 133444 lubricant have to be recovered and returned back to repparttar 133445 compressor.

A bit complicated isn't it?

The gas suction forrepparttar 133446 air-conditioning compressor is taken into

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