Splish, Splash! Swimming Pool Safety everyone should know

Written by Rebecca Blain

By Rebecca Blain of http://www.everything-swimming-pools.com

For many young adults and children all overrepparttar world, there is nothing more enjoyable than spending a beautiful summer day atrepparttar 137772 pool.

As pools provide a healthy and fun method of cooling off, more homes have taken to having pools of all types installed.

While they can be fun and entertaining, there are many child and adult deaths per year due torepparttar 137773 presence of pools inrepparttar 137774 yards of homes.

Despite this, more are being installed every year asrepparttar 137775 summer heat becomes more intolerable for many people.

In order to be able to enjoyrepparttar 137776 luxuries of a swimming pool withoutrepparttar 137777 risk, there are steps that you need to take to ensure swimming pool safety. Below, you will find various aspects of pool care and safety, along with information on how to best protect your children, family members and pets.

  • Above Ground Pools
  • In ground Pools
  • Filter, Pumps, and other Mechanical Parts
  • Chlorine and other Pool Chemicals
  • Seasonal Pool Care and Maintenance
  • Enjoying your Pool

Above Ground Pools

One ofrepparttar 137778 most common types of pools are above ground swimming pools. These pools come in all shapes and sizes, as well as colors, and adorn many backyards all overrepparttar 137779 world. They tend to lean towards being more obtrusive than in ground, as well as provide a variety of different safety hazards.

First, when you set uprepparttar 137780 pool, you need to make certain thatrepparttar 137781 ladder to get in and out ofrepparttar 137782 pool is extremely secure and stable. Falling fromrepparttar 137783 ladder of an above ground pool is one ofrepparttar 137784 leading causes of injuries, so you need to make certain that your ladder is set up in a way to minimize chances of injury.

In addition to this, you should always enforcerepparttar 137785 rule that your guests and children should not sit onrepparttar 137786 railing ofrepparttar 137787 pool. This is dangerous for many reasons. First, falling off and hittingrepparttar 137788 ground can cause injuries. Second, if you are really unfortunately,repparttar 137789 pool could collapse. If this occurs, injury is a real likelihood.

In ground Pools

The in ground pool is one ofrepparttar 137790 most desired pool types for home owners. These pools are elegant in appearance, easier to care for thanrepparttar 137791 above ground variety, and give you more options for depth. However, there are safety risks involved with having an in ground pool.

First, you need to make certain that there is always someone watchingrepparttar 137792 pool when there are children around. Child death due to falling into an in ground pool is greater thanrepparttar 137793 risks with above ground. This is why keepingrepparttar 137794 area fenced, orrepparttar 137795 pool covered with boards or other impenetrable materials is a necessity if you have small children. While this problem is still present with above ground pools, this isrepparttar 137796 largest risk associated with this pool type.

Also, you need to make certain that you enforcerepparttar 137797 rule that there should be absolutely no running aroundrepparttar 137798 pool. Slipping on wet concrete is a real concern, and injuries as a result tend to be severe. With a few precautions, injuries shouldn't occur with any pool, including above and in ground pools.

Endless Summer Surf Camp

Written by Misha Troyan

Endless Summer Surf Camp

Read Jetsetters Magazine at www.jetsettersmagazine.com

Read Jetsetters Magazine at www.jetsettersmagazine.com To read this entire feature FREE with photos cut and paste this link: www.jetsettersmagazine.com/archive/jetezine/sports02/surfing/endless/endless.html

Dawn patrol. The morning is exploding out ofrepparttar east, a half-box of crayons streaking acrossrepparttar 137737 sky.

Slowly, reluctantly, a bed-head emerges fromrepparttar 137738 warm confines of a sleeping bag, followed by an arm, then a body. Eventually there are four or five of us milling about, sleepy-eyed, blinking awayrepparttar 137739 night. One of us is munching away on Raisin Bran,repparttar 137740 staple of his morning breakfasts, withrepparttar 137741 thousand-mile stare of a man sleep-deprived. Another is finding comfort in his coffee, and well, he should, considering he wokerepparttar 137742 surf camp staff at 6 a.m. to get it. When we find out that that only those with their own equipment can hitrepparttar 137743 water, we are disappointed, but understandrepparttar 137744 liability issues. So we are reduced to spectators, watching fromrepparttar 137745 bluffs aboverepparttar 137746 beach. The sunrise has reachedrepparttar 137747 far horizon now, where ocean is beginning to distinguish itself fromrepparttar 137748 sky. Down below, we see several lone surfers paddling intorepparttar 137749 morning gray, looking for that first set.

Such a devotion to surfing may surprise some, but those familiar with surfing understand. "Once you catch that first wave, when you stand up and you make your first turn, you get hooked," explained Jason Senn, owner of Endless Summer Surf Camp in San Clemente, California. Sun-baked and ocean-washed, Jason has been a part ofrepparttar 137750 camp since 1991, when he was brought aboard as director. According to him,repparttar 137751 most rewarding part of his job is seeingrepparttar 137752 progression of his students throughoutrepparttar 137753 week. In fact, several of his alumni surf competitively today. There is a downside, however. "Surfing can become an addiction. You start making excuses to go surfing. Missing class, missing work." Dawn patrol was a testament to that.

By 9:30 a.m., well after Dawn Patrol had returned from its first foray,repparttar 137754 rest ofrepparttar 137755 day campers had arrived (there were roughly 12 day campers and 12 overnighters). We assembled onrepparttar 137756 beach, and althoughrepparttar 137757 morning fog was still hazy alongrepparttar 137758 beach, it was already growing warm. A soft off-shore breeze carriedrepparttar 137759 smell of salt and sun block. After a quick briefing aboutrepparttar 137760 basics of surfing and water safety, we were matched up with our instructors, about 3 students per staff member. After a few more detailed lessons, we hitrepparttar 137761 surf.

Three things I learned this day: 1) Surfing is tough. One aspect that is not emphasized on TV is paddling out. Getting pounded by wave after wave while your shoulder and trapezius muscles are screaming Fire! with exertion makes you very humble, very fast. There's a reason why surfers lookrepparttar 137762 way they do; 2) You can't breath underwater, and 3) I don't plan on quitting my day job to joinrepparttar 137763 pro surf tour any time soon.

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