Spiritual Healing - The Hidden Truth and Misconception

Written by Joseph Ghabi

Spiritual Healing - The Hidden Truth and Misconception

Throughout history, what is portrayed in all religions as beingrepparttar manifestation of prayer or miracles is in fact manifestation of our connection withrepparttar 122400 essence of our Soul andrepparttar 122401 manifestation ofrepparttar 122402 power of spiritual healing. We have heard throughoutrepparttar 122403 centuries about such miracles that have happened to people, and how they changed their lives. This has carried on until now when we still hear of these ‘miracles’ in our time today. What would berepparttar 122404 difference between a miracle that has been approved by a religion and one that has been manifested by a healer?

Why is it that at this point of our time and with all ofrepparttar 122405 technological advancement we claim to have achieved as humans, we still approve of one particular or ‘morally acceptable’ form of miraculous healing and disregard another? How does it stand in such a case where a particular healer belongs to a certain religion? Does his or her manifestation become a miracle? Also in certain ways there is no huge difference betweenrepparttar 122406 power of healing andrepparttar 122407 power of prayer if we really think about it. The same intention of sending healing thoughts is there, regardless of how we chose to ‘label’repparttar 122408 procedure.

There are two types of healing, self-healing and spiritual healing. How much do we really understandrepparttar 122409 difference betweenrepparttar 122410 two? Can we refer to them as being a science? Or in such a case where science cannot explain or rationalizerepparttar 122411 manifestation itself, do we then find it would be easier to disregard it all together rather than investigating? Perhaps it is when something does not bring us much financial profit it then becomes worthless for us to investigate. Well it seems there are many question marks when it comes torepparttar 122412 subject of healing and apparently with little answers.

The way I see it in terms of self-healing and spiritual healing, both forms are misrepresented and atrepparttar 122413 same time abused. On a personal level, onrepparttar 122414 medical level and onrepparttar 122415 government level, it seems we are very much unaware ofrepparttar 122416 real benefit that comes from it. Before going further into this and for some of you who do not know or understand what I am talking about, let us identify and define both forms of healing, from my own point of view of course!

Self-healing isrepparttar 122417 effect that a person can inflict upon themselves, in terms of a manifestation when bringing his or her state of mind, either physical, or emotional, into perfect harmony and balance withrepparttar 122418 universal flow of energies to get him or herself into ‘normal’ state of being. We all have this power within ourselves even if we do not believe it is so. This can be practiced through praying or self-inflicted healing.

We know that someone who is a ‘Spiritual Healer’ is someone who is normally referred to as being ‘an instrument’. This is so when souls from a different dimension to our own userepparttar 122419 ‘instruments’ body as a channel to perform their work of spiritual healing. These ‘healing’ souls are sometimes called ‘spirit doctors’. They use their wisdom and knowledge fromrepparttar 122420 universal flow of energies to manipulate a human being into a state of perfection. This is successful so long as no-one has been tampered with, in terms of having their body altered when having organs removed or by being operated upon. What isrepparttar 122421 cost of all of this? Well it’s FREE. So let’s explore all factors involved here. We will start withrepparttar 122422 healers themselves.

Who are those healers? A healer is a person that acceptsrepparttar 122423 work of spirit souls or spirit doctors. The healer allows himself or herself to become an instrument forrepparttar 122424 wonderful work of spirit to be carried out through. To inform you, I personally am one of these healers. In my personal experience in working with healing for many years and being self taught by working with my guides, I do believerepparttar 122425 maximum time and what I feel is necessary to providerepparttar 122426 energy to someone is no more than 15 minutes. Even this length of time can be too long in certain cases. The reason is because healing usually takes effect according torepparttar 122427 person who is receivingrepparttar 122428 healing them self.

When someone falls intorepparttar 122429 handwork of a healer, it is not a coincidence it is by choice unconsciously. Manifestation has to be carried out and healing will take place on other levels of our consciousness. It has to be done on a soul level, astral level, and subconscious level before it can ever manifest physically with that person. Those levels that we don’t see and might not be even aware of can be worked out before that person even meets up with his or her healer. Their meeting then becomes a mere formality to allow changes to take effect onrepparttar 122430 physical level. All work is usually carried out during their sleep state, except forrepparttar 122431 physical and can be done in case of what is called absent or distant healing. With all of that said, no healing should take place outwithrepparttar 122432 person’s Free Will of choice.

In our world of today, healing, just like anything else has been abused. Some healers are taking advantage of this gift by misrepresentingrepparttar 122433 benefits of it. It seems to have become a way of overly charging their patient financially and in some cases providing them with false hopes. When healing becomes a business, how do we know that healing is genuine after all? Ifrepparttar 122434 healing gift is used only as a means of survival forrepparttar 122435 healer where do we drawrepparttar 122436 line between what is a true healing and what is a mere attempt of making money based uponrepparttar 122437 needs ofrepparttar 122438 person who has come to receive healing?

This circumstance is unfortunate for both parties involved here. The healers will payrepparttar 122439 price for their actions of abusingrepparttar 122440 healing on a Soul level by creating Karma for themselves which will have to repaid, later on in their evolution. In terms of accepting money for healing, it is alright to accept being given a donation, but only atrepparttar 122441 patients own discretion.

The Centre of our Existence!

Written by Joseph Ghabi

The Centre of Our Existence!

Most of us have heard talk or have read something aboutrepparttar seven centers of energies that we refer to as Chakras. I do believe these are very important centres of our being in terms of our energy field, our aura, and most of all our own balance that can manifest into our physical body.

So what can we do about these energies and how can we balance these centres? You don’t need a high level of schooling but perhaps only a few small tips that can enhance your association withrepparttar 122399 different levels of these Chakras.

These Chakras are usually associated with colors. Not simply to distinguish them, or identify them from each other, but because colors on their own play on our emotional psyche. I personally work with nine chakras instead of seven. I will go throughrepparttar 122400 nine charkas and explain their characteristics. The characteristics ofrepparttar 122401 Chakras, having worked with them for many years through my meditation and healing, are represented as follows: We will start fromrepparttar 122402 bottom up.

The Root Chakra isrepparttar 122403 first Chakra located onrepparttar 122404 base ofrepparttar 122405 spine, and its color is "Red" and its secondary color is "Black". Its characteristics are a grounding torepparttar 122406 earth plane existence in a body. It holdsrepparttar 122407 basic needs of stability, security, and survival. In our body, Root Chakra body parts includerepparttar 122408 hips, legs, rectum, kidneys, bones, colon, and lower back. Any red or black gemstones will help heal and balance this Chakra. Recommended gemstones: Garnet, Ruby as red, and smoky quartz and obsidian for black.

The Belly Chakra isrepparttar 122409 second Chakra located inrepparttar 122410 abdomen, and its color is "Orange". Its characteristics are our sexuality, self-esteem, our own personal power, and power ofrepparttar 122411 world. This Chakra accessesrepparttar 122412 lower level ofrepparttar 122413 emotional body and houses one’s unhealed inner child. Inner child here are whererepparttar 122414 images of both this life, and past life traumas, are stored. The ability to let go of old emotions is based in this Chakra. This is a very powerful chakra. In our body, Belly Chakra body parts includerepparttar 122415 ovaries, vagina, genitals, uterus, lumbar spine, kidneys, bladder, and large intestine. Any orange gemstones will heal and balance this Chakra. Recommended gemstones: Carnelian (help in pregnancy), and Coral.

The Solar Plexus Chakra isrepparttar 122416 third Chakra located inrepparttar 122417 stomach, and its color is "Yellow". Its characteristics arerepparttar 122418 conscious and rational mind. Our self-confidence, personal power, and intuition is manifested here. Business, math sense, and material learning ability are focused here as well as self-empowerment and our will. Our inner child as part of our Soul is housed there and that can help to bring us our survival tools. Solar Plexus body parts includerepparttar 122419 stomach, bladder, pancreas, small intestine, liver, and gall bladder. Any yellow gemstones will heal and balance this Chakra. Recommended gemstones: Citrine or Yellow Sapphire.

The Heart Chakra isrepparttar 122420 fourth Chakra located inrepparttar 122421 heart, and its color is either "Green" and as secondary color "Pink" pending onrepparttar 122422 persona state of mind. Pink will represent earthly love and thatrepparttar 122423 person is looking for love. Green is more universal and unconditional love for self and for humanity as a mean of compassion. Its characteristics are that it is very important to give and receive love. It is aboutrepparttar 122424 ability to love yourself and others. Heart Chakra body parts arerepparttar 122425 heart, circulatory system, lungs, shoulder andrepparttar 122426 upper back. Any color of pink or green gemstones will heal and balance this Chakra. Recommended gemstones: Modalvite and Malachite forrepparttar 122427 Green, and Pink Crystal Quartz and Kunzite forrepparttar 122428 Pink color.

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