Spiritual Friendships

Written by Heather J. Tait

Title: Spiritual Friendships Author: Heather J. Tait Website: http://www.silencespeaks.com Word Count: 473

As we walk along our paths in life, we will encounter several forms of friendships. There will be friends of convenience, friends by association, and friends ofrepparttar heart. Friends out of convenience are friendships that you might have simply because you both are accessible to one another. These friendships are common in a work or school environment as people are united by place alone. You might even term these friendships as Ďassociatesí instead of friends, because you associate with one another because you feel that you have to.

These types of friendships can easily disappear as quickly as they came or they can actually turn into more meaningful friendships as time moves on. Then there are friends by association, friendships that exist because of an association with another friend. You might acquire these forms of friendships because of your current friends. You acquire your friendís circle of companions and make them your own. These associations can lack strong foundations and even knowledge of one another, but either way, you respect them as a part ofrepparttar 137131 friend that originatedrepparttar 137132 encounter.

Then there are friendships that are few and far between, friends ofrepparttar 137133 heart or friends ofrepparttar 137134 spirit. You may find this form of friendship with or in addition to your significant other. This type of friendship is guided through a profound spiritual connection. They are very pronounced and spiritually ignited. They can overcome distance. They can surpass cultural and language barriers. They can surpass age and even gender.

They do not exist out of convenience or association. These friendships exist out of respect and purpose. This unity of beings connects our hearts to our souls. They remind us and encourage our greatness and contribute to our over all well-being. These friendships exist onrepparttar 137135 purest of levels. They are not sexually motivated. They do not even necessarily rely onrepparttar 137136 power of any physical contact. They exist on a level all on their own.

Sharing Your Purpose With Others

Written by Heather J. Tait

Title: Sharing Your Purpose With Others Author: Heather J. Tait Website: http://www.silencespeaks.com Word Count: 631

There is a time for silence and stillness that stumbles upon our awakened state of being. It is at this time we may lurk inrepparttar background and move slowly withrepparttar 137130 wind that carries us. It is through this stillness that we hear ourselves. It is through this silence that we are able to act on our own discretion and recline in our own comfort of both our physical and spiritual existence.

While we enjoyrepparttar 137131 time of stillness and isolation, we must also know that we were intended to interact with others. No gift was meant to be silenced forever. No gift was intended to be hidden fromrepparttar 137132 world that it may benefit. Ifrepparttar 137133 person holdingrepparttar 137134 gift decides to remain hidden then it is an act of selfishness forrepparttar 137135 gift is not truly theirs alone, butrepparttar 137136 universeís that appointed them to have it.

What might prevent someone from choosing to share their gift withrepparttar 137137 world could be a number of different conditions. One reason might be that it is uncomfortable for a lot of gifted and talented people to be inrepparttar 137138 spotlight whererepparttar 137139 focus is on them. What is amazing is some ofrepparttar 137140 most gifted people are alsorepparttar 137141 most hidden. Their gift may be an extremely extroverted talent, but onrepparttar 137142 inside there is an introvert in hiding. There are many individuals with much wisdom to offer that remain onrepparttar 137143 sidelines.

These individuals try to create a normal life for themselves where their talents might be easily overlooked or go unnoticed. In fact they may even be very successful at doing this however they will always have their gift and true nature seeded within.

These special people still benefit others from time to time with their gifts because it would be unnatural for them not to. Their focus however is limited to those who touch them in some way and actually bring their gifts torepparttar 137144 surface. Their passion to do what it is that they do may be silenced temporarily, but it will eventually scream to them onrepparttar 137145 inside. That is when they know it is time to take action and it is time to do what they are called upon to do.

Call of duty can appear in two forms, good orrepparttar 137146 latter. It is up torepparttar 137147 individual to decipherrepparttar 137148 difference betweenrepparttar 137149 two. If your calling is to perform acts of destruction either to yourself or to others then you need to reevaluate your motives andrepparttar 137150 conditions that have caused them to exist. If your calling is to perform acts of kindness to others and yourself then it is an act of truth and an act of compassion.

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