Spiritual Awakening

Written by Sam Stevens

As we proceed further intorepparttar 21st century there is even more of a feeling that humanity as a whole is hearing "a calling". Most ofrepparttar 122088 clients inrepparttar 122089 realm that talk about this describe it as an "awakening" or experiencing an "enlightenment" or a "need for transformation." For some this process, a spiritual awakening is a gentle process develops as a consequence of many years of seeking, and researching practices having to do with self-development. This isrepparttar 122090 type of seeker who wantsrepparttar 122091 spiritual awakening and seeks outrepparttar 122092 guidance of a teacher or to help them prepare themselves emotionally and physically for their spiritual awakening. However, I have noticed that no matter how trained an individual nobody is ever ready for what Eastern religions callrepparttar 122093 awakening ofrepparttar 122094 Kundalini energy. The sad truth is most spiritual awakenings are quite rude: what some of us call a "wake up call." True enlightenment is usually preceded by some kind of life loss or tragedy that kick startsrepparttar 122095 awakening of consciousness. A common catalyst is intense physical or emotional distress. As people confrontrepparttar 122096 limits of their endurance and come face to face with death or loss, they will often move into altered or transcendental states of consciousness as they ask God or a higher power for help. Natural disasters, near-death experiences or life transitions such as midlife crisis, addiction or separation can be blessings in disguise that lead to a blossoming of spiritual awareness. It is thought that practices such as yoga, bioenergetics, polarity work or breathwork can cause a natural awakening of Kundalini energy. Kundalini isrepparttar 122097 Hindu word forrepparttar 122098 sacred, transformative energy that awakens consciousness. According to Eastern esoteric literature, this energy is coiled, like a snake atrepparttar 122099 base ofrepparttar 122100 spine and when stimulated it streams or coils up throughrepparttar 122101 body's energy centers (chakras). The awakening ofrepparttar 122102 kundalini is almost always associated with a spiritual crisis. Typicallyrepparttar 122103 person may feel overwhelmed, bewildered, disassociated, frightened vulnerable, fragmented, fearful, confused, disoriented and overcome by too much information. This can berepparttar 122104 first sign that you are about to be blessed with a spiritual awakening, although many may feel it more like a "curse'. Some ofrepparttar 122105 symptoms you might experience during a spiritual awakening are: Involuntary jerking movements ofrepparttar 122106 body including vibrations, spasm, shaking and contractions: Asrepparttar 122107 Kundalini energy moves fromrepparttar 122108 base ofrepparttar 122109 spine and up throughrepparttar 122110 body, it clears deeply held blockages and while this is happeningrepparttar 122111 person may experience emotions and memories from injuries and traumas suffered inrepparttar 122112 past. The Hindus call this “pranic” movement.

What is Reiki?

Written by Sam Stevens

Reiki is an ancient form of energy healing in which a properly attuned Reiki Practitioner serves as a conduit for Universal Life Force (or ReiKi). The Reiki practitioner opens them self up as a conduit for a semi-sentient energy summoned from a higher source to facilitate healing or correct a person’s aura. The Reiki Practitioner is not a healer per se – butrepparttar energy moves through them to work withrepparttar 122087 recipient’s higher will in correcting imbalances and treating situations fromrepparttar 122088 core causal point rather thanrepparttar 122089 effect. This is thought to have a beneficial effect onrepparttar 122090 body, mind, and spirit, emotional and in Indian systems -repparttar 122091 chakra system. Everything inrepparttar 122092 universe is thought to have an underlying energy that gives it form, structure, health, strength and autonomy. This invisible, but formidable force is calledrepparttar 122093 Chi by Chinese mystics and martial artists and referred to as Prana by Indian masters and healers. It is also called “orgone energy” andrepparttar 122094 practice itself is also described byrepparttar 122095 names Chi Gong and Polarity therapy. Whatever you want to call it,repparttar 122096 word Reiki literally means “Universal Life Force.” Reiki is capable of healing anything because it works at very fundamental levels of reality. The level of reality where Reiki operates isrepparttar 122097 underlying energy structure of matter, asrepparttar 122098 physical matter we see around us is a solidified form of energy. The health, flow and strength of this force are thought to be affected by our thoughts. Think negative thoughts and manifest diseases and unfortunate events. Think positive thoughts and good health and good fortune. Think nothing and achieve bliss. Reiki is really about helping those who are stuck in self, accessrepparttar 122099 healing energies of a higher power. In some ways too, Reiki can be called an active, ritualistic form of prayer. A Reiki healing is a very simple, and quite religious act of faith. In essence,repparttar 122100 Reiki Healer or Master can be seen as a channel or vessel forrepparttar 122101 transformative power of God’s love. The practitioner places his or her hands uponrepparttar 122102 person to be healed withrepparttar 122103 intent for healing to occur, and thenrepparttar 122104 energy begins flowing. Intorepparttar 122105 afflicted part ofrepparttar 122106 body, without any judgement or thoughts fromrepparttar 122107 Reiki Master. The healer draws exactlyrepparttar 122108 amount of needed energy torepparttar 122109 recipient. There is no conscious intervention or appeal onrepparttar 122110 part ofrepparttar 122111 healer who are there to keeprepparttar 122112 “healing space” open betweenrepparttar 122113 diseased or troubled person andrepparttar 122114 divine love before. The healer/s job is to get out ofrepparttar 122115 way and be a conduit. Often, if you will observe a Reiki healer, he or she will appear to stop and watch or listen for signs of what to do next, from a silent voice.

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