Spin-Orbit Duality, Astromechanics and Anti-Gravity

Written by Charles Douglas Wehner

ANTIGRAVITY has long beenrepparttar "holy grail" that scientists sought after. It was considered that when found, it would lead immediately to amazing flying machines.

Theories of antigravity have always been based on theories of gravity, and onrepparttar 127675 invention of "mathematical models" or "mind pictures" involving gravity PARTICLES or "Gravitrons".

The TRUE secret of antigravity was revealed in 2002 on my website. There are no outlandish claims about special particles, or mysterious "forces".

It is justrepparttar 127676 ORBITAL THRUST of a body when seen from that body. What you see from orbit is SPIN - so this must give a thrust.

Short-Circuit Biasing of Transistors

Written by Charles Douglas Wehner

When a fundamental law of nature is revealed,repparttar best inventions arise.

Here,repparttar 127674 author heard of a mysterious unexplained oscillation in silicon bipolar transistors, and upon investigating discovered that it related torepparttar 127675 band-gap energy of silicon.

Withrepparttar 127676 phenomenon fully explained, it became possible to design electronic circuits of exquisite simplicity, reliability and performance.

Unfortunately,repparttar 127677 author suffers from an untreated Addison's disease. It is one thing to haverepparttar 127678 knowledge of progress - quite another to implement progress when one is half dead through metabolic disturbance.

The industrial climate was also not conducive to success. The whole of British industry collapsed - andrepparttar 127679 German economy is currently (2003) in recession.

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