Spies inside Religions

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

The use of religion is well-documented as a social engineering tool and Francis Fukayama’s The End of History and The Last Man admits he and his ilk are adept in this regard. Magicians and propagandists are everywhere inrepparttar history of Empire sincerepparttar 139889 days of Tuthmosis if not long before that. But there are less overt operatives thanrepparttar 139890 likes of Augustine and there are double agents like St. Bernard. There also are covert operatives or well-trained people who move into political arenas as isrepparttar 139891 case with Stalin and his use asrepparttar 139892 corporate CEO of Russia. Do not assume just because low level people in Masonry say their history is replete withrepparttar 139893 prejudice and persecution by Catholicism that there was no central organizing plan and alliance (Holy or otherwise) through whichrepparttar 139894 Templars worked with their supposed enemy. The next excerpt {From John Ure ofrepparttar 139895 British Foreign Service} brings us a lesser known operative who might be called an outright spy like Count Rumford.

“No destination onrepparttar 139896 whole Spanish Main conjured up such dreams of avarice asrepparttar 139897 sleepy little town of Portobello onrepparttar 139898 Caribbean coast of Panama. This was not a thriving metropolis like Havana, or a mighty seaport like Cartagena; it was a small settlement which only came to life once every couple of years whenrepparttar 139899 Spanish galleons put in to collectrepparttar 139900 silver which had been brought fromrepparttar 139901 mines of Potosi – uprepparttar 139902 Peruvian coast to Panama City and acrossrepparttar 139903 isthmus by mule – before being shipped back to Spain. It came to life becauserepparttar 139904 galleons not only collected silver; they also brought every sort of consumer commodity whichrepparttar 139905 citizens of Portobello and – more importantly – of Panama City wanted. Whenrepparttar 139906 galleons were in harbour, a two-week fair ensued, of which a first-hand account has come down to us from a most unusual source: a book called ‘The English-America’ which is not only available to us but which was also available to Morgan.

Thomas Gage,repparttar 139907 author of this remarkable work, was an Englishman born around 1600 into an old Catholic family. He studied in Jesuit seminars {Should this be seminaries?} in Spain, was bilingual in Spanish and became a Roman Catholic priest. Indeed, he was accepted byrepparttar 139908 ever-suspicious Spanish colonist authorities and allowed to travel throughoutrepparttar 139909 length and breadth of their empire, preaching, administering masses and, more sinisterly, taking notes. Ultimately he returned to England and abjured his religion; he encouraged Cromwell to launch his ‘Western Design’ againstrepparttar 139910 Spanish possessions inrepparttar 139911 New World and gave evidence during Popery scares against his former coreligionists, many of whom suffered grievously in consequence. He remains something of an enigma: not a very likeable man, but an astute observer.

The Wind Did It

Written by Terry Dashner

The Wind did it

Terry Dashner………Faith Fellowship Church PO Box 1586 Broken Arrow, OK 74013

You can’t findrepparttar wind, butrepparttar 139120 wind will find you and envelope you. Why is this true? Do you remember these words? “The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going.” Wind just happens or does it?

As you know, I haverepparttar 139121 utmost respect for Dr. D. James Kennedy. He has written another wonderful book entitled, What if America were a Christian Nation Again? (Thomas Nelson Publishers: Nashville, TN 2003). In his book, Dr. Kennedy speaks ofrepparttar 139122 Sovereignty of God, especially as it relates torepparttar 139123 discovery and progress of America. What really strikes me aboutrepparttar 139124 Almighty is His wind.

God directsrepparttar 139125 wind at His command. For example, Columbus’s ship was moved along by a mysterious wind. Says Dr. Kennedy, “Columbus’s ship, historians tell us, was headed directly towardrepparttar 139126 Carolinas. But duringrepparttar 139127 long voyage,repparttar 139128 frightened, restless crew threatened mutiny. They planned to throwrepparttar 139129 admiral overboard and return to Europe. Suddenly,repparttar 139130 cry went up that land had been sighted torepparttar 139131 southeast. Columbus’s log tells us that they headed toward that land, but what they had seen was merely a cloud onrepparttar 139132 horizon. Stillrepparttar 139133 mutiny was averted.

“Several days later, however,repparttar 139134 men were once again ready to overthrowrepparttar 139135 admiral. Oddly enough, a flock of birds flew overrepparttar 139136 ship, heading southwest. A second correction was made, which divertedrepparttar 139137 ship from heading toward north Florida; thus, Columbus landed at San Salvador” (page 12). What ifrepparttar 139138 birds had not appeared onrepparttar 139139 “wings ofrepparttar 139140 wind”? For one, Americans would be speaking Spanish instead of English. Andrepparttar 139141 English Protestants never would have established a foothold onrepparttar 139142 eastern seaboard.

God directsrepparttar 139143 wind. For example, 32 years beforerepparttar 139144 Pilgrims sailed to Americarepparttar 139145 Spanish tried to conquer Great Britain, which would have changedrepparttar 139146 course of human history. Atrepparttar 139147 time, Spain ruledrepparttar 139148 seas but was being blighted by Englishmen like Sir Francis Drake. Spain sent outrepparttar 139149 “Invincible Armada,” to crushrepparttar 139150 English once and for all. Not far from Lisbon,repparttar 139151 winds blew up a storm and destroyed many Spanish ships. This leveledrepparttar 139152 playing field—or should I sayrepparttar 139153 battle field. Oncerepparttar 139154 Spanish were routed byrepparttar 139155 smaller, but faster sailing ships ofrepparttar 139156 British, England ruledrepparttar 139157 seas and began to colonize a new world. Once again,repparttar 139158 wind, directedrepparttar 139159 course of modern history.

God directsrepparttar 139160 wind. For example,repparttar 139161 winds keptrepparttar 139162 French at bay in America. Says Dr. Kennedy, “In 1606, fourteen years beforerepparttar 139163 Pilgrims landed at Plymouth,repparttar 139164 French made an effort to colonize New England. Underrepparttar 139165 leadership of Pierre DeMonts, they made three attempts. Onrepparttar 139166 first two, their ships were driven fromrepparttar 139167 coasts by strong winds, while onrepparttar 139168 third attempt,repparttar 139169 ships were destroyed onrepparttar 139170 treacherous shoal of Cape Cod, and DeMonts was killed.” Dr Kennedy continues, “In 1746,repparttar 139171 French swept down from Nova Scotia underrepparttar 139172 leadership ofrepparttar 139173 Duke D’ Anville, with forty men-of-war and thousands of French troops, determined to completely wipe outrepparttar 139174 English colonists and make New England a French possession.

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