Spice up your Garden with Rare Flowering Bulbs

Written by Josh Gray

Any experienced gardener knowsrepparttar secret to a beautiful garden is inrepparttar 135857 bulbs. Flowering bulbs are usually quite hardy and undemanding and can providerepparttar 135858 most amazing shower of spring and summertime colors. Bulbs naturally package allrepparttar 135859 essentials they need to flourish and grow. All thatís required is warming temperatures to bringrepparttar 135860 bulbs out of dormancy. The great thing about bulbs isrepparttar 135861 wide variety of colors and shapes you can produce.

Many bulbs used by gardeners such as daffodil, crocus, hyacinth, tulip, and lily are common and can be found at your local lawn and garden center. Forrepparttar 135862 more bold and adventurous, it can be very rewarding to obtain rarer flowering bulbs with unique colors and smells like Guinevere, Blackmore, and Landon Begonias. Withrepparttar 135863 rise ofrepparttar 135864 internet, anyone can now obtain rare and exquisite bulbs withinrepparttar 135865 comfort of their own home. There are even websites like CouponChief.com that offer great online coupons and discounts for several online bulb vendors. Bulbs are usually shipped bare-root, right around planting time. Starting a beautiful bulb garden is possible in just a few weeks, depending on shipping times.

Build A Simple Planter Box

Written by Cedar Creek Woodshop

Love flowers, but don't haverepparttar space -- orrepparttar 135765 desire -- to plant a garden? You may want to try making your own flower box, which can be just about any size you wish.

This planter box is built with a top and a bottom exterior frame; then you affix cedar panels torepparttar 135766 frame and add bottom panels. After that, just add plants for a touch of spring anywhere you want to put it!

Expert tip: Always draw a diagram before you build anything. Remember: If you can't draw it, you can't build it! You donít have to be Leonardo Divinci, just that YOU can read it!! Your diagram will be useful in helping you determinerepparttar 135767 size of your project andrepparttar 135768 amount of lumber you'll need. Simply takerepparttar 135769 finished diagram with you when you go shopping, and you'll be sure to get everything your project requires.

Materials: Four Lengths of 26 Inch 1x2 Cedar

Four Lengths of 13 Inch 1x2 Cedar

Twelve Side & End Panels 5 Ĺ Inches x 12 ľ

Two Base Panels 1 Inch x 6 Inches x 24 Inches

Wood glue

Galvanized nails


Stainless-steel or Ceramic Coated Screws

Drill driver and bits

Speed square

Note: All our sections were precut, so they just need assembly. If you can't or don't wish to cut your own lumber, home-supply stores will generally cut it for you for a small fee.

Expert tip: Before you begin hammering, use sandpaper to rough uprepparttar 135770 striking surface of your hammer. Then it's less likely to slip while you're working.

Buildingrepparttar 135771 Frames

Buildrepparttar 135772 top and bottom frames out ofrepparttar 135773 1x2 cedar strips. You'll be buttingrepparttar 135774 ends together, so no mitering will be necessary.

1.Fasten two 26" strips to two 13" strips to form each rectangular frame. (You'll need to ensure thatrepparttar 135775 length remains 26"; to do this, buttrepparttar 135776 ends ofrepparttar 135777 shorter strip againstrepparttar 135778 longer strips. The thickness ofrepparttar 135779 two longer strips will add an inch to each end ofrepparttar 135780 shorter strips, increasing their length to 16". Do this at each end ofrepparttar 135781 longer strips to form a rectangular frame 26" long and 16" wide.)

2. Apply a bead of wood glue torepparttar 135782 junctions ofrepparttar 135783 strips; then nail together with a single nail in each junction in preparation for inserting screws to hold them more securely.

3. Predrillrepparttar 135784 ends prior to screwing them together; this helps keeprepparttar 135785 ends from splitting. Then insert a screw in each corner.

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