Spice Up Your Web Site with JavaScript

Written by Shelley Lowery

JavaScript is a scripting language designed for use within a web page and/or on a web server. It is used to create special effects within a web page. Elements such as links, images and forms can be manipulated using this powerful technology.

Unlike CGI scripts, JavaScript can be placed directly into your HTML code. It can also reside on your server and be called from a small code within your web page.

This powerful scripting language can be used to create special effects on your web page such as link effects, mouseovers, image roll overs, navigational systems and much more.

Here are a few great scripts to get you started:

Navigation Bar

This script is actually a combination of JavaScript and HTML better known as DHTML. It will enable you to have a mouseover navigational menu atrepparttar top of your web page. When you place your mouse overrepparttar 119127 main menu, a drop down menu will appear. As you move your mouse overrepparttar 119128 drop down menu, each selection is highlighted. This navigation menu is very similar torepparttar 119129 menu used at Microsoft.com.


Dynamic Splash Screen

If you've ever wanted to set up a splash screen for your web page, Dynamic Splash Screen will do just that. Splash pages can be used to tell your visitors a little bit about your site or whatever you'd like. The great thing about this script is that it is constructed using a single page. Oncerepparttar 119130 splash messages have been completed,repparttar 119131 script will navigate torepparttar 119132 URL of your choice. It also includes a link onrepparttar 119133 splash page that says, "Skip Intro." Nice effect.


Pausing Up and Down Menu Scroller

This nice little script will enable you to have linked text that scrolls upwards and will pause between each message. You can choose to include a background image and customizerepparttar 119134 background color and box size. This script provides a nice way to announce new additions to your site or whatever you'd like.



Create mouseover popup boxes for your text links. This great script can be used to include information aboutrepparttar 119135 links, tips or whatever you'd like. It can create simple mouseover popup boxes or can even create a popup box that will stay open untilrepparttar 119136 user wants to close it. The boxes can also be displayed with or without a caption and colors can be customized. This is a great little script.

Dirty Web Promotion Tricks #1 - Legitimate and Malicious Javascripts

Written by Michael Bloch

One ofrepparttar best way to get visitors to further explore your site is to convince them to set your home page as their Internet start page, or for them to add you their "Favorites". In this article, we'll examine some ethical and unethical ways this is done.

Many sites include legitimate javascripts that allow visitors to easily add a page to their "Favourites" by clicking on a link. A script to achieve this would look like something alongrepparttar 119126 lines of:

======================================================================= SAMPLE Legitimate "BOOKMARKING" SCRIPT:


This script should work well in most 4+ browsers. It is as simple as I could make it, and was put together using a number of free scripts available as a reference. There are many other scripts available that allow forrepparttar 119129 use of images and status bar text.

In this script:

- When Netscape is detected, it only displays a message suggesting thatrepparttar 119130 visitor usesrepparttar 119131 Ctrl+D command to bookmarkrepparttar 119132 page andrepparttar 119133 scripting will not appear inrepparttar 119134 source code ofrepparttar 119135 page.

- In Internet Explorer, it will add your homepage to this visitor's "Favorites" from any page inrepparttar 119136 site - along with a custom description you specify inrepparttar 119137 script.

- Other types of javascript enabled browsers will only displayrepparttar 119138 suggestion to bookmark (no keyboard commands as this can vary browser to browser), andrepparttar 119139 script will not be displayed inrepparttar 119140 source code.

Unfortunately, some companies do not use ethical methods to gain a valued place in a visitors Favorites or bookmarks.

On visiting a web design resource siterepparttar 119141 other day via a search engine link, my anti-virus program jumped up and alerted me withrepparttar 119142 following:

"real-time protection has found that C:WINDOWSTEMPORARY INTERNET FILESCONTENT.IE5S3QFQF0XADVERTS[1].HTM is JS.IEStart trojan."

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