Spice Up Your Ad With These Words That Sell

Written by Ron Sathoff and Kevin Nunley

Like us, you probably get stacks of junk mail and loads of email messages every day. Many of these marketing materials are written by top writers and sent to vast audiences at great expense.

Because companies invest heavily in these direct mail marketing efforts, they are careful to monitor results. Professional marketers keeprepparttar strategies that work and tossrepparttar 101081 ones that don't.

Watch your "junk mail" closely and you will get some great ideas on how to make your next ad, sales letter, or web page a selling success. Here are popular words and phrases we find over and over again in top ads. They are used a lot because they work!

Make It Easy Both consumers and business customers love a product or service that is easy to get and easy to use.

* It is a breeze to use * Do-it-yourself * Simple step-by-step instructions * Easy to duplicate * All under one roof * Call free 24 hours a day * Everything you need in one easy-to-use bundle

It's Effective People buy fast when they know your product or service will getrepparttar 101082 results they hope for. Use these words and phrases to demonstrate your effectiveness:

* Our proven, tested formula * A strategy thousands have counted on * For five-star results * Get professional results * Our experts are standing by for your call * Highly effective

How Much Per Year Do You spend On Advertising?

Written by Robert Puddy

If you are a serious player (or you want to be) then advertising should be your largest expense, getting your message out to as many places as possible should be your number one priority. There are a lot of people out there telling you to join their free program and get free advertising, OK it costs you nothing to join.

But (and there is always a but) that is only a way to entice you intorepparttar program so they can persuade you to join there paid services.

That's not a con that's a business strategy, you do get something for free, and you will make some sales. However allrepparttar 101080 big players know that to be a success you need to put your message in front of people who will buy, and free programs are full of people who want things for free.

You or I, or anybody else won't get rich on "free"; to break out intorepparttar 101081 big world you need to get an advertising strategy. When you make a sale userepparttar 101082 money to purchase a paid solo ad or high profile text ads on a high profile web pages. This is called "investment in your business" and without it you will never see success.

Let me tell you a story, I was speaking to a customer (via email) about certain questions he had about one of my products. He was about to place an order for advertising but couldn't believerepparttar 101083 prices I was charging (I must put my prices up)

He wanted to know how it would work, and whatrepparttar 101084 percentage of sales he might get etc (asking questions about a purchase you are about to make is good business sense). It turns out he spends over a $1000.00 per month on advertising, gets about 1300 hits a month and makes 25 sales of a product that starts at $200.00. The calculator in my head worked out that means he makes $5000.00 plus per month on a $1000.00 investment.

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