Speed up Your Web Site and Increase Sales

Written by Leva Duell

Speed up Your Web Site and Increase Sales Your web sites loading speed has a significant impact on your visitors' loyalty. A slow web site will cost you sales. Most visitors won't wait more than10 seconds for your web pages to load. Apply these techniques to speed up your pages, keep potential buyers at your site, and increase sales.

Six tips to speed up your web pages.

1.Give viewers something to read as quickly as possible. 2.Provide a lot of graphics or images only if you know your audience has fast Internet connections. (Your load time will vary depending on your visitors' access speed.) 3.If you're targetingrepparttar general public, avoid large and unnecessary graphics, animated graphics, sound, movies, Flash animation, and large banners -- especially on your home page. (Graphics slow your web pages down considerably.) 4.Use graphics and images that support your sales message and illustrate repparttar 131845 benefits of your products or services. 5.Keep your pages short. Split up long pages into several pages. Breaking up pages into several pages also allows you to track which pages potential buyers go to. 6.Avoid links to slow-loading pages.

Visitors like pictures without sacrificing speed. Apply these tips to optimize your images.

- Keep images and graphics as small as possible, both in dimensions and file size. The largerrepparttar 131846 file size,repparttar 131847 longerrepparttar 131848 images take to download. - DonŐt make visitors wait for images theyŐre not interested in. If you want to illustrate your products with large images, provide thumbnails (small graphics), and let visitors decide if they want to click on them to view larger images that take time to download. Mentionrepparttar 131849 download time. - Crop images (cut off extra areas aroundrepparttar 131850 images). - Keeprepparttar 131851 resolution of your images to 72 dpi,repparttar 131852 maximum resolution a computer monitor can read. - Reduce your file size by saving images inrepparttar 131853 proper graphic format (GIF or JPEG). - Reducerepparttar 131854 number of colors. Use solid colors rather than gradients. The more color in an image,repparttar 131855 biggerrepparttar 131856 file size is, andrepparttar 131857 more time it takes to download.

Internet Time Bomb Ticking

Written by Stephen Bucaro

Reprintable Article: Permission is granted forrepparttar following article to forward, reprint, distribute, use for ezine, newsletter, website, offer as free bonus or part of a product for sale as long as no changes are made andrepparttar 131843 byline, copyright, and resource box is included. ---------------------------------------------------------- Internet Time Bomb Ticking

By Stephen Bucaro

This morning I joined a traffic exchange network. You are probably familiar with traffic exchange networks. You logon to a traffic exchange network and earn credits by using their application to viewrepparttar 131844 web sites of other members ofrepparttar 131845 traffic exchange. You traderepparttar 131846 credits for visits to your web site by other members.

You are required to viewrepparttar 131847 other members web page for a specific time, usually 30 seconds, then you have to click on a button to viewrepparttar 131848 next web page. This is a useful way to earn traffic to your web site.

The power of using traffic exchange networks can be increased if you are a member of one or more banner exchanges. By placing banners onrepparttar 131849 page that you submit torepparttar 131850 traffic exchange, you can earn banner exchange credits and traffic atrepparttar 131851 same time.

I have been warning visitors to bucarotechelp.com that traffic exchange applications that do not maximizerepparttar 131852 browser window are useless because, by makingrepparttar 131853 browser windows small enough to expose onlyrepparttar 131854 "Next Site" button, users run four or more of these applications simultaneously. Nobody actually sees your web page.

I have also been warning that traffic exchange applications that have a timer less than 30 seconds are useless because most people accessrepparttar 131855 web via a 56K dialup connection. Unlessrepparttar 131856 web page that you submit torepparttar 131857 traffic exchange can load beforerepparttar 131858 time expires, nobody actually sees your web page.

Butrepparttar 131859 traffic exchange that I joined this morning does not require you to click. This traffic exchange application advances pages automatically. This is of critical importance becauserepparttar 131860 user now does not even have to be inrepparttar 131861 same room asrepparttar 131862 computer that is logged on and earning credits.

This is time bomb ticking forrepparttar 131863 Internet. You may be using a quality traffic exchange that maximizesrepparttar 131864 browser window, has a 30 second timer, and requires you to click. But what if that traffic exchange, in order to meet its commitments, is purchasing traffic from a no-click exchange? You are then exchanging your high quality clicks for useless hits.

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