Speed up Your Application Development in Macromedia's ColdFusion MX 7.0

Written by kay zetkin

Macromedia announced their release of Coldfusion’s latest version on February 7, 2005. This latest version is ColdFusion MX 7.0 clearly offers several important new features and useful improvements on its existing ones. A major focus of this release is to target new ColdFusion developers and get them up to speed even faster than before.

Before we go on aboutrepparttar solid and massive set of new capabilities that’s imparted inrepparttar 135660 latest version of ColdFusion, let’s get a grip on what this application program really is and its significance inrepparttar 135661 Web development technology today.

Although full details on ColdFusion are available from Macromedia, we give you a piece of important knowledge about it. Thus, if you haven’t heard enough of ColdFusion, it is a very powerful and easy-to-use application server. It is actually a J2EE application that interprets a simple, tag-based language calledrepparttar 135662 ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML). The CFML is compiled to Java byte code and executed on a Java application server such as JRun (included), WebSphere, WebLogic, or virtually any other J2EE server.

Here’s a general preview ofrepparttar 135663 new features and improvements that CFMX 7.0 offers:

•Speed enhancements - targets new ColdFusion developers and get them up to speed even faster than before. While simplicity is already one of CF's chief benefits, enhancements are provided by havingrepparttar 135664 "Getting Started" resources. Two fully functional sample applications are available, that does a great job of showing offrepparttar 135665 new features along with demonstrating coding best practices.

How to Manage Your Extension through Dreamweaver MX

Written by Kay Zetkin

The latest version of Macromedia Dreamweaver, Dreamweaver MX works with a standalone program that is a wonderful assistant in managing your file extension. Macromedia Dreamweaver MX offers extensions to improverepparttar functionality and scope of Dreamweaver. This program isrepparttar 135659 extension manager that can be relied upon to install and remove your file extensions. Through this program, you can turn your extensions on and turn them off, as you please. Plus, true to Dreamweaver’s integrated capabilities,repparttar 135660 extension manager program works well with Flash and Fireworks to manage their extensions as well.

If you haven’t got any idea on how to manage your extensions through Dreamweaver MX, then, after going over these simple steps, you will find out how reliable and easy it is:

First, openrepparttar 135661 Extension Manager. Do this by going torepparttar 135662 "Commands" menu and choosing "Manage Extensions..."

Second, if you haven't gotten around to downloadingrepparttar 135663 extension or extensions you want to install, then start downloading them before we go another step further.

Third, sincerepparttar 135664 Extension Manager handle extensions for several programs, as mentioned above, you must make sure that Dreamweaver MX is displayed inrepparttar 135665 drop-down menu.

After checking outrepparttar 135666 drop-down menu, go torepparttar 135667 "File" menu and choose "Install extension". This command will open a standard file selector box. Once opened, browse torepparttar 135668 file you downloaded and click "Install". A disclaimer announcement will appear before you. Be sure to read it and that there are no unexpected requirements for use ofrepparttar 135669 extension, since some extensions happen to have these. After reading, click "Accept". And lastly, click "OK" and close and restart Dreamweaver.

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