Speed Cleaning Tips from a Pro

Written by Mary Findley

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Time is tight,repparttar 100146 kids want attention, dinner simmers onrepparttar 100147 stove andrepparttar 100148 house needs cleaning. Did someone mention housework? Most people would rather darn socks than clean their home. Consequently those annoying chores get tucked onrepparttar 100149 back burner where they sit simmering untilrepparttar 100150 pot boils dry. That once 30-minute job has now turned into a half-day nightmare.

Rather than ignoring those chores let?s explore some time savings tips professionals use to clean a home. Start by hiring yourself to clean your home. If a professional comes to clean they will insist that dishes be put inrepparttar 100151 dishwasher, clothes hung up, papers picked up andrepparttar 100152 house tidy. You cannot speed clean a home with clutter anywhere let alone everywhere.

Here are a few shortcuts to help you declutter your home.

? Ifrepparttar 100153 clutter in your home seems a bit overwhelming, start withrepparttar 100154 big stuff. We live in a time when everyone thrives on instant success. Picking up large size items like clothing means fast results. That spurs you on to tacklerepparttar 100155 smaller piles. ? Never leave a room without taking something with you. Put it where it belongs so you don?t waste time looking for it later. ? Clean up your dishes after every meal. Instruct each family member to rinse and put away their own dishes. This goes for cups or glasses used duringrepparttar 100156 day too. ? Learn to multitask. If you head inrepparttar 100157 direction ofrepparttar 100158 washing machine, take a load of clothes with you. When you pull meat out ofrepparttar 100159 freezer inrepparttar 100160 garage, get enough for 3 days. Leaving forrepparttar 100161 grocery store? Takerepparttar 100162 garbage out with you. ? Purchase a spare pair of needle nose pliers, regular pliers, a hammer and one of those screwdrivers with all four heads in one handle. Tuck them in a kitchen drawer so they are handy when you need them.

Organize then organize again. Experts encourage people to organize their lives. They know disorganization robs you of valuable time among other things. Follow this outline to organize your cleaning supplies.

Head torepparttar 100163 hardware store forrepparttar 100164 following items: * Tote tray with dividers ? do not waste your money with aprons designed to hold bottles of cleaners, etc. The weight of so many full bottles slows you down. Talk about an achy breaky back! * White nylon scrub pad found inrepparttar 100165 cleaning section. Use it for stubborn spots or water spots on glass shower doors. Use only white. Other colors may scratch. * Stiff bristle brush that looks like a toothbrush. It is ideal for scrubbing around faucets. * 1 ˝ inch paint brush. Use it to dust cobwebs along window frames and doorways etc.

Atrepparttar 100166 grocery store pick uprepparttar 100167 following: * Window cleaner * Concentrated orange cleaner without petroleum distillates * Bar Keepers Friend * Toilet bowl cleaner * Toilet bowl brush without metal rings * Rubber Gloves

Next stock a plastic bag with old but clean terry cloth towels and a few lint free towels for dusting. Tuck in a second plastic bag to store soiled towels as you clean. Then add a large trash bag for emptyingrepparttar 100168 trash.

Speed Cleaning Essentials

In today?s world of quick fixes people want fast results. They buyrepparttar 100169 fastest computer and instant dinners. The single most important thing you can do to speed clean your home has no quick fix - exercise. A regular, consistent exercise program gives yourepparttar 100170 strength and stamina to rocket you through not only your house cleaning chores but everything you do.

Clean likerepparttar 100171 pros. You never see a professional enter a home and heat up a cup of coffee, flip onrepparttar 100172 TV or send an email. Do not allow distractions to pull you away fromrepparttar 100173 task at hand. Letrepparttar 100174 answering machine handle your phone calls and wait to retrieverepparttar 100175 mail until you finish. Distractions turn a 15-minute job into an hour?s worth of time.

A key point to remember: You build speed as you clean. Every time you stop it takes time to rebuild your momentum costing you valuable time. Give yourselfrepparttar 100176 gift of time by staying focused onrepparttar 100177 task at hand.

Speed cleaning usually entails cleaning your entire home all in one day. For many people this does not work due to busy schedules. Should this be your case, dust your home one day, tacklerepparttar 100178 bathroomsrepparttar 100179 next etc. Whichever job you do completerepparttar 100180 entire task. Dustrepparttar 100181 entire house or clean allrepparttar 100182 bathrooms. It takes time to pull out your cleaning equipment so keep going until you finish.

Divide and conquer. Many people become overwhelmed atrepparttar 100183 thought of cleaning their entire home at one time. A professional breaks a home into sections cleaning one section then moving torepparttar 100184 next. Here is a basic outline to follow. Adjustrepparttar 100185 sections according torepparttar 100186 layout of your home.

Section one: Bedroom area and hallway Section two: Kitchen, dining area, den or family room Section three: Formal living room and dining room Section four: Laundry room and any remote rooms.

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