Specialty Gourmet Coffee

Written by Gary Gresham

Specialty gourmet coffee is a very hot commodity in today's market. The consumption of gourmet coffee has steadily grown with consumers enjoyingrepparttar more sophisticated tastes of gourmet coffee beans. Specialty gourmet coffee, sometimes called premium coffee, is exceptional coffee beans grown only in ideal coffee-producing climates. These coffee beans have unique characteristics because ofrepparttar 113070 soil they grow in which produce very distinctive flavors. Gourmet coffee has a more balanced flavor and richer taste thanrepparttar 113071 standard mass-produced coffee. Gourmet coffee beans go through a rigorous process of certification that is stricter to help keeprepparttar 113072 quality high. Inrepparttar 113073 1974 issue ofrepparttar 113074 "Tea & Coffee Trade Journal", Erna Knutsen first usedrepparttar 113075 term 'specialty coffee' to describe these unique coffee beans that are produced in special microclimates with these distinctive, exceptional flavors. In 1982repparttar 113076 Specialty Coffee Association of America was created by coffee professionals to help set quality standards forrepparttar 113077 specialty coffee trade.


Written by Richard Chudy

Ever hadrepparttar feeling that you've been somewhere before? Well, even if you've never been torepparttar 113069 French Riviera Restaurant in Los Cabos,repparttar 113070 experience will leave you with a new kind of déjà vu, one that makes you wish you had been there before. The owners and staff make you feel as if you are long lost friends or family who have finally come home andrepparttar 113071 food, service and congeniality will create a lasting impression.

Los Cabos has no shortage of excellent restaurants. Whatever your appetite, you'll have little trouble finding food that pleasesrepparttar 113072 palate. Traditional Mexican, authentic Italian,repparttar 113073 freshest seafood, sushi, fondue and fusion, they're all here. The cuisine that has garneredrepparttar 113074 least attention has been French,repparttar 113075 king of haute cuisine. Not anymore. Nestled onrepparttar 113076 cliffs aboverepparttar 113077 Sea of Cortez, just a few minutes away fromrepparttar 113078 hustle and bustle of downtown Cabo San Lucas, is an elegant yet unpretentious jewel inrepparttar 113079 crown of Cabo culinary delights.

That jewel isrepparttar 113080 French Riviera Restaurant and Bakery. A destined to be famous trio of eateries with locations in San Jose del Cabo, Cabo San Lucas and alongrepparttar 113081 tourist corridor in betweenrepparttar 113082 two municipalities. Until recently, those seeking true gourmet French dining had a very small selection from which to choose. Most offered French fare as part of a mélange of vastly unrelated cuisine withrepparttar 113083 French fare being a somewhat obvious afterthought. Others claimed to have French trained chefs, but my taste buds told a different story. It is with great pleasure that I report that my taste buds have found true French cooking, and it is alive and well in Los Cabos.

Begat by Jacques Chretien and his wife Sophie,repparttar 113084 French Riviera is a gastronome's paradise, an oasis of flavor infused sauces, originality and decadence. Led by Chef Jacques Chretien,repparttar 113085 staff prepares some ofrepparttar 113086 finest meals that are likely to ever pass your lips, allrepparttar 113087 while making guests feel more at home than any home should haverepparttar 113088 right to feel. That, my friends, is no easy task, but somehow these wonderfully hospitable folks make it look easy.

Chef Chretien hasrepparttar 113089 honor of belonging to a small community -repparttar 113090 world's greatest chefs. As recipient ofrepparttar 113091 Maitre Cuisinier designation (French master chef), he joins a group that boasts only 200 members worldwide with only forty or so outside of France. Mexico boasts a total of five, Los Cabos has only one. The award is bestowed byrepparttar 113092 French government and recognizes culinary excellence as an art form unto itself. Couple Jacque's talent and passion for fine food with Sophie's "joie de vie" and undeniable warmth, and you have a five-star dining experience set in one ofrepparttar 113093 world's most picturesque coastal destinations.

The main restaurant is open for lunch (12:00 to 4:00) and dinner (5:30 to 11:00 pm), bar service runs from 11:30 am to 11:00 pm. Decorated in with stone tables and wicker chairs,repparttar 113094 interior bathed in earth tones,repparttar 113095 restaurant is warm and inviting. Out onrepparttar 113096 terrace you are surrounded by lush landscapes and an endless ocean view with Land's End andrepparttar 113097 famous arch off inrepparttar 113098 distance. Sunsets here are spectacular.

Chef Chretien's menu is an eclectic collection of original dishes and classic French fare. For starters, your waiter brings you a delightful trio of "welcome" canapés, sea bass tartar with baby green onions, goat cheese mousse and other seasonal delicacies. A nice touch that startsrepparttar 113099 process of making guests feel truly special and welcome.

For an appetizer tryrepparttar 113100 lobster cappuccino served with truffle foam and a crispy zucchini stuffed ravioli; tuna & scallop carpaccio flavored with walnut oil and lime, served atop lamb's lettuce and topped with shaved Parmesan cheese; or roasted heirloom tomatoes served with a comfit of eggplant, zucchini and crab with cheese sauce. These are just a few selections fromrepparttar 113101 menu, making a choice is not easy as they are all excellent.

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