Speakers and Trainers - The Internet is Your Biggest Megaphone

Written by Dr. Lynella Grant

Speak to an Audience that Reaches acrossrepparttar Globe

As a professional at home onrepparttar 135864 platform, youíve spent years polishing a compelling message. The presentations you make are honed to perfection. Your delivery style draws raves and repeat bookings. So why donít you deliver a taste of your best stuff torepparttar 135865 whole world?

Easily done! Send articles that provide a sample of your message and speaking personality to numerous Internet directories and ezines. The biggest auditorium couldnít contain allrepparttar 135866 people exposed to a single article widely posted online. Whilerepparttar 135867 cost is minimal (mainly your time),repparttar 135868 impact from articles can be gigantic! Considerrepparttar 135869 benefits. http://www.promotewitharticles.com/benefits.html

Internet Exposure is Crucial for Name Recognition

A spokesman atrepparttar 135870 National Speakers Association ( http://www.nsaspeaker.org ) indicated that, "Nearly all our members have a website, anymore. Itís a huge part of their differentiation." Information that can be posted onrepparttar 135871 speakerís website is miles ahead of a traditional brochure to highlight their message and qualifications. Websites can be kept up to date, and eliminaterepparttar 135872 delays of mailing materials to prospects. Not to mention, people can find you through search engine queries related to your specialized topics.

A typical speaker isnít satisfied to appear only on their own site. Many promote their services on other websites, too - expert sites, websites maintained by their agents or publishers, and resource sites related to their forte. The Internet shines when it comes to reaching targeted groups -repparttar 135873 very people you want to know about you. Also, you can controlrepparttar 135874 niches or organizations you reach by where you submit your material.

A speakerís well-placed articles accomplishesrepparttar 135875 same thing. Posting even one multipliesrepparttar 135876 number of sites where your name appears. Repeated in-depth articles on a theme build momentum. Your unique spin on a topic will draw readers to your website so they can delve deeper.

Adopt a Speedy Delivery Method

Simply listing your topics or programs canít conveyrepparttar 135877 depth of your message. The 600 to 800 word length is longer than a sound-bite, providing a realistic sample of your expertise - like a mini-speech. Your signature (Sig) atrepparttar 135878 end provides your short ad.

Imagine this. The article you write this morning can be submitted to hundreds of places this afternoon. And within a few days it appears on numerous websites, ezines, and search engines. Before a world-wide readership!

Rebecca Morgan is sold on marketing oneís speaking through online articles. "Although itís hard to quantify some ofrepparttar 135879 results, itís a great boost when people keep telling me, ĎI see your name everywhere.í Some of my articles have shown up over 100 places." Her weekly ezine and forum http://www.speakernetnews.com is a storehouse of insider advice to profit from speaking. Subscribe for free.

Articles Attract Speaking Bookings

7 Ways to Increase Web Site Visitors and Boost Sales

Written by Herman Drost

Have you spent a lot of money on advertising withrepparttar expectation that you would get many sales fromrepparttar 135793 1000s of web site visitors that read your ad?

Have you poured money into driving traffic to your web site, only to have no one buying your product?

Maybe you have seenrepparttar 135794 ads, ďGet 10,000 visitors to your site, for only $20Ē . Wow, you think, thatís a great bargain, Iíll go for it. The result Ė 10 people visiting your site and no one buying. Whatísrepparttar 135795 problem? You have not effectively targeted your customers. Your field of customers is too large. Most of them are not interested in your product. You need to zero in onrepparttar 135796 person that wants, needs and thirsts for your product.

How do I find my targeted customers?

1. Place yourself in your customers shoes. Thereís an Indian saying that goes something like:

ďYou must walk a mile in my shoes, before you can understand me".

For example, if I am selling a weight loss product, I would not be targeting skinny people, but targeting those that are overweight.

2. Make a thumb nail sketch of this person

Who is your customer? What are her wants, needs and desires?

Try to understand how they think. Understanding what problems they have, will give you a clearer idea of what to offer them.

For example, letís make a sketch of a typical overweight person: 30-50 years old Out of shape Probably married with children Under a lot of pressure, tight for time, stressed Looking for ways to improve health and wealth Lack of self esteem

3. Develop a product that addresses one or more of their needs. Always refer back to your thumbnail sketch as you write for your site. Elaborate onrepparttar 135797 points that fit your product and what it delivers. As you start writing, new ideas will naturally emerge, but always keep them focused on your targeted customer so you wonít go offrepparttar 135798 track of what your customer wants.

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