Sparkle the Clown

Written by Sandy Peacock

Sparklerepparttar Clown would love to your next special event! Adding a special touch to family gatherings or company picnics, open houses, employee apprec- iations, festivals, I even do "clown-a- grams!" I am a deciated christian wanting to bring good clean, fun, games crafts, singing, face painting, puppet shows, and more to everyone. We all live to laugh and share in fun....keeping J.C.

Hungry For Overkill

Written by David Leonhardt

I don't have much time to watch television. Beingrepparttar lazy person that I am, I usually let other people inrepparttar 118225 family do my watching for me.

But some events are just so important that I have to watch them myself. Such wasrepparttar 118226 case withrepparttar 118227 finals of this year's American Idol. The space shuttle Columbia crash in Texas earlier inrepparttar 118228 year was another event that (sadly) I just had to watch. And I certainly did not want to missrepparttar 118229 thrill of seeingrepparttar 118230 America's Cup sail into Switzerland.

Of course, I regularly turn onrepparttar 118231 tube whenever a George Bush invades Iraq. Hopefully, this one will soon finish invading; my electricity bill is suffering.

The latest must-see event isrepparttar 118232 Michael Jackson arrest, an event of such momentous importance that all news shows, gossip shows, comedy shows and just about everybody else is offering wall-to-wall coverage. It has been estimated that 37% ofrepparttar 118233 American population has been interviewed byrepparttar 118234 media for their inside-knowledge of "the pop superstar's" personal life.

So I was most shocked when I flipped to a channel that was not helping me track downrepparttar 118235 most fascinating intimate details and most intriguing and succulent minutiae of all things Michael Jackson.

"What?!" I demanded. "This is impossible. What is this trash?"

"That's Touched by an Angel," my wife offered. "It's one of your favorite shows."

"That's no excuse," I blustered. "The network should be hot onrepparttar 118236 Jackson case. How could this be? I'm callingrepparttar 118237 cable company to complain."

"But dear ..." my wife tried to interrupt.

"It's no use," I insisted as I dialed. "My mind is made up. Don't try to stop me."

"But dear ..." my wife tried to interrupt me again.

"I am sorry. There is simply no excuse for airing pure entertainment when there are important details about Michael Jackson to be uncovered."

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