Spanish Influenza of 1918

Written by Joe Bott

Inrepparttar late summer of 1918 whenrepparttar 142628 Spanish Flu arrived in Philadelphia, PA, my great uncle Rev. Jeremiah Mahon was a parish priest at St. Mary's Church at 252 S. 4th St.

They sayrepparttar 142629 flu started with a cough inrepparttar 142630 summer of 1918 and byrepparttar 142631 time it ended 120 days later, it left 22 million people dead worldwide. In Philadelphia after just 28 days there were 12,191 reported deaths and 47,094 reported cases. This flu targeted mostlyrepparttar 142632 young and robust, Jeremiah was just 32 years old.

My Uncle Jeremiah was one of approximately 800 people who died in Philadelphia on Saturday, October 19th, 1918. New York beat that number by 851 deaths in one day.

Jeremiah was one of my family heroes. Not only was he a very respected priest in a very Irish Catholic family, but whenrepparttar 142633 Spanish Influenza came and 67% of Philadelphia's nurses were off ill or scared, he volunteered to help tend torepparttar 142634 ill in a local hospital. That's how he caughtrepparttar 142635 flu.

In his epithet there is a part that goes, "His Kindly, genial disposition, his winning smiles and affable ways, won for him a host of friends in every parish where duty called him to labor. Everybody loved him."

Shopping With Children

Written by Sylvia White

Is you weekly shopping trip withrepparttar kids an absolute chore ! or are you happy to take them along ?

Lots of moms don't have any choice inrepparttar 142599 matter, if they don't own a car it can be sheer agony waiting at bus stops then struggling on and off buses with kids and a pushchair.

Gone arerepparttar 142600 days when a helping hand was offered, and ifrepparttar 142601 bus is full, no gallant young man will jump up and offer his seat torepparttar 142602 harassed mom.

Next step isrepparttar 142603 supermarket, a haven of joy torepparttar 142604 youngsters. Low shelves full of goodies, long aisle, fantastic for kids to run up and down creating havock, evenrepparttar 142605 most obedient child can't resistrepparttar 142606 lure of this playground.

How often do you get home and find a few extras in your shopping bags that you hadn't noticed going throughrepparttar 142607 checkout, usually things that you might never use, or of courserepparttar 142608 odd bar of chocolate or packet of sweets. If you are on a budget this can be very annoying as many families have to count their pennies.

Have you noticed how many supermarkets have these automated bobrepparttar 142609 builder cars and other amusements for kids, its a tug of war most times to drag them away, usually crying because you can't affordrepparttar 142610 money it takes to let them go on.

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