Spamming The Internet ...Are YOU the next Vicitim?

Written by Debbie Solomon

When you hearrepparttar word SPAM, what comes to your mind? Isrepparttar 132794 term worse thenrepparttar 132795 meaning? This word SPAM has been blown out of proportion. It is causing unbelievable hysteria onrepparttar 132796 internet.

Many businesses are spending more and more time each day getting frustrated, yelling atrepparttar 132797 spammers, and reportingrepparttar 132798 spammers. -Is it really worth it? -Is there a way OUT?

Unfortunately we will never get rid of spam. It is like getting rid ofrepparttar 132799 junk mail in your mailbox. It is always there. You can bank on it almost everyday. It isrepparttar 132800 same way with SPAM. As long as you have any kind of existence online, your email box will be littered with SPAM.

There is a way to cut a lot of it out though. Ever since I got my new email server, I have had very little spam in my email box. Sure I get one or two a day, but it is not like it used to be.

So, HOW do we get rid of SO MUCH spam mail?

The BIGGEST CULPRIT of Spam is FFA LINK pages. Now, I know many people feel that since they agreed to receive this junk mail in exchange for placing their link that it is not spam. Well, SPAM is basically unwanted EMAIL. Do you WANT to receive all these emails?

Many business who host an FFA LINK page do it for one reason and one reason only - FOR YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS! I am not saying ALL FFA Link pages do this, but MOST of them do. If you submit to FFA LINK pages, you can be guaranteed at least 100 emails a day. And then allrepparttar 132801 follow-up emails after that, so it is never-ending. You will be automatically subscribed to ezines and newsletters, which you never personally subscribed to. But somewhere onrepparttar 132802 FFA page in real small writing is your agreement. In fact, a lot of these newsletters even put on top of their publication that you have agreed to receive this newsletter by subscribing, corresponding with them, or placing your LINK on their FFA page.

Of courserepparttar 132803 owners of FFA Pages will not agree with me. But, if you want complete honesty- -you will not increase traffic to your site. -you will not reach thousands and millions of people to view your ad. -you will not even be able to keep your link there for more than one day. (and that is good for FFA pages. Normally you are off within hours).

-So WHY post to FFA sites when you are off of them in hours or a day? -So WHY post to FFA sites when your email box is flooded with Emails? -So WHY post to FFA sites to gain exposure when all you get is hundreds of emails selling their product?

-Don't you want people to read about YOUR product? -Don't you want people to see YOUR link? -Don't you want people emailing you about YOUR product?

FFA LINK pages do you more harm than good. The time and energy you spend at posting to these links, could be time and energy spent on doing something productive for your business. These pages are there only to get your email address. Many of these pages have members who pay to get your email address and spam you. These are called, "Opt-In email Lists for SALE, or for RENT". That is where many of these companies get their addresses. Don't get me wrong, I am sure there are legit ones out there, but they are few and far between.

Un-Due Process - Part 2

Written by Elena Fawkner


OK, now let's turn torepparttar real bad guy in all of this. The webhost who shuts down a website onrepparttar 132792 grounds of nothing more thanrepparttar 132793 say-so of an unverified spam complaint. In my case, it's DumbHost but I know there are many other webhosts and ISPs out there who are just as irresponsible.

Here'srepparttar 132794 email I received from DumbHost informing me my site had been shut down:

"To whom it may concern,

"We recieved [sic]repparttar 132795 following spam complaint regarding Your domain will be temporarily disabled for 3 days. You can have your domain re-enabled atrepparttar 132796 end of this 3 day period by requesting so at If we continue to recieve [sic] complaints, action may be taken to disable your domain.

"Regards, Abuse Response Team"


The email that followed wasrepparttar 132797 one from

Note that my site was shut down because "[w]e recieved [sic]repparttar 132798 following spam complaint regarding". Not because I had SPAMMED, mind you, but because DumbHost had received a spam COMPLAINT. The notification that my site had been disabled wasrepparttar 132799 FIRST communication from DumbHost onrepparttar 132800 matter.

An appropriate response would have been: "We've received a complaint of spamming against you. We take all complaints of spamming very seriously. Please let us have your response to this complaint so we may take appropriate action". But I guess that would have been too much like due process for DumbHost to want to bother with.

Here's what followed:

From me to DumbHost:

"If you even bothered to readrepparttar 132801 "offending email" you will see that it came from, NOT The publisher ofrepparttar 132802 email in question reprinted one of my articles in his newsletter. That article contained a resource box which contained a link to my domain.

"If my site is shut down for ANY length of time as a result of this complaint, expect a lawsuit without further notice."

Their reply (from "Level II Customer Care Representative" - ha!):

"Was this bulk mail authorized by you? This is considered an offense of our terms of service no matter where it originates as long asrepparttar 132803 email is sent or authorized by you. The email advertises your website, that is why your domain has been disabled for 3 days.

Regards, Abuse Response Team"

Me again:

"No! I've never heard of these people before. It is common practice for newsletter publishers to publish articles written by other people. The author's resource box is always included atrepparttar 132804 end ofrepparttar 132805 article. If this person's newsletter went to someone who wasn't subscribed, then it'srepparttar 132806 newsletter publisher who should be reported for spamming, notrepparttar 132807 innocent author who is unfortunate enough to have their work reprinted.

"Did anyone even readrepparttar 132808 email concerned before shutting my site down? It's obvious what happened. If my site is not reinstated today, I will be issuing legal proceedings tomorrow. "Byrepparttar 132809 way, don't you think your question should have been asked BEFORE shutting me down, not after?"

Them again:

"Okay, I was asked to take a look at your account, I will forward this information to abuse and they should get back to you shortly...

"Best regards,

Jordan M. Level II Customer Care"

(They apparently don't use full names at Level II Customer Care. Can't imagine why.)

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