Spammers - Where do They Come Up With This Stuff?

Written by Laurie Rogers

Lets face it we all get spammed and it drives us nuts! If it were not for folders, I would probably NEVER find my "legitmate" email. I probably do NOT get as much spam as most people do, but when I do get it, boy do I get it! I especially love it when people come by and spam my paid list building site, little do they know that I have several ways of finding out WHO they are ;o)

When it comes right down to it though, sometimes you really have to laugh at some ofrepparttar garbage they send. According to spammers not only do I need viagra, I also need an enlargement for a body part I don't even have. I some how also managed to request this information at one of their sites, not once, but 200 freakin' times.

We all have our incoherent days, but I think I would at least getrepparttar 132741 drift afterrepparttar 132742 first 100 times. And really now, like I am going to send a spammer my credit card info in an email! Like I said, we all have our incoherent days, but I am sure as heck NOT that darn incoherent at ANY time. Even if a web site doesn't use a "secure" server -I'm NOT buying and there's no two ways about it, let alone in an email.

Seriously, like how stupid do these people really think we are? "Laurie how would you like to harvest millions of email addresses a day?" Whoo-Hoo! I better jump right on that one, so my web host can shut me down and I can lose EVERYTHING I've worked so hard for inrepparttar 132743 last 3 plus years. Yeah I will get right on that one.

"I saw your site and got your email." Really? So what did it look like? Because last time I checked there was NO site for that email address you moron. And if there was - WHO said you could email me?

Anti-Spam Two Step for Webmasters

Written by Thomas Benton

If your email address is on a website that's been online for a while you're being blasted with unsolicited email (SPAM). You can delete it or you can eliminate much of it in two simple steps.

Step 1: Scramble Your Email Address

It isn't human visitors to your site that are causingrepparttar problem. It's website spidering SPAMBOTS. These spambots go out onrepparttar 132740 web and harvest any email address they can find. These harvested email addresses are then sold by unscrupulous *spam pushers*.

Your goal is to hide your email address fromrepparttar 132741 spambots, but still display it for your website visitors to see. Ifrepparttar 132742 spambot doesn't recogize your scrambled code as an email address it won't harvest it.

Searchrepparttar 132743 web for scripts that will scramble your email address. You will find many free scripts and some that you can purchase. Some are simple and easy to install. Others can be a little more complicated.

The one that I like is called EScrambler. It is a free script developed by You can visit their site and copyrepparttar 132744 source code (permission given onrepparttar 132745 site). Or, go to

This simple script generates a javascript that scrambles your email address. Just copyrepparttar 132746 script and paste it in your HTML instead ofrepparttar 132747 normal Your email address is displayed properly for visitors to see, andrepparttar 132748 HTML looks like anything but an email address.

An example of ** in escrambled form:

Step 2: Send Spam to Your Auto-Delete Account

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