Spam Not

Written by Mari Peckham

"Spam not, lest ye be spammed." ~Mari Peckham

Just yesterday, I received over 40,000 emails from a person who had harvested a contact email address from one of my websites. The person may or may not have personally secured my email address, but since I use it only to receive email feedback from my website and never to send mail, I know that it was a harvested address. Because ofrepparttar nature of my use of this email address, I also have a "Thank you for contacting us." autoresponder message in place there.

My server was mad at me. My entire system was mad at me. I couldn't conduct my normal business and send out email that needed to be sent out, because my computer was hard at work downloading email upon email.

How can something like this happen?

Simple enough, really. My email was picked up off of my website and added to an autoresponder. If it had been a regular email account, I would have received an unsolicited message that I would have easily deleted, no big deal. But since my email address was attached to an autoresponder, it started a vicious cycle of email autoresponse.

The person who had sent merepparttar 132785 email - well, they ended up with 40,000 "Thank you for contacting us." emails in their box from me.

I'm sure that that wasn't very pleasant for them, either. Andrepparttar 132786 fact ofrepparttar 132787 matter is that they may have not even realized that they had done anything wrong.

Spam is bad. Not all spammers are bad people, though. Some of them are just misinformed or inexperienced Internet marketers.

I'mrepparttar 132788 first to admit that marketing can be frustrating. Just when you've hitrepparttar 132789 wall and can't think of another fresh marketing idea to get new people to your site, along comes a company that offers you a list of 100,000 email addresses for just $24.95 or some other unbelievable deal. Wow! What an opportunity! Affordable, even! It's hard not to jump all over an offer like that.

But beware! It's hard to say where those email addresses are coming from.

Many unscrupulous companies use "harvesting" software that spidersrepparttar 132790 Internet and lifts email address off of websites. They then compile lists of these email addresses and sell them as "opt-in safelists" for profit.

"Where is My Spam"

Written by Wonder Wyant

Boy, I must be really new torepparttar Internet! Everyone keeps talking about allrepparttar 132782 canned meat they're getting and I'm hardly getting fed over here.

I do get some, but I'm sure not getting fat on it. I receive a couple of hundred or so emails a day so I'm not surprised that I get a few offers for credit cards I don't need and junk I'm not going to buy.

Although I probably average only a dozen or so letters a day inrepparttar 132783 big metal box atrepparttar 132784 end ofrepparttar 132785 drive,some days more that half of that mail is junkmail.

While I find basically none of this junkmail useful to me,repparttar 132786 electronic spam is much easier to deal with. I'm brand new to email and I still know at least three ways to hit delete! And, if need be, I can let my ISP gobble it up.

Since I live inrepparttar 132787 country and I no longer have to payrepparttar 132788 garbage man to haul awayrepparttar 132789 paper junkmail, I don't even resent that as I once did. In fact, I hear that I have a neighbor who actually solicitsrepparttar 132790 stuff as he heats his house with it. An idea, I suppose?

I can almost hear you saying "Wait a minute! You said you get hundreds of emails a day." Yes, indeed I do. I would say that 96% of them are from ezines that I've subcribed to, offers I asked for more information about or email courses I wanted.

In my 3 months onrepparttar 132791 Internet, I've subscribed to over 400 ezines. Am I nuts, as an ezine editor friend of mine implied? No, I'm out here to get information. The only way to do that is to go to whererepparttar 132792 source is. Many ezines are wonderful sources of a wide variety of information.

Unfortunately, I've found that not all ezines are entertaining or informative. Do I read them all? Yes, I do, to a point. I use an automatic 'shelving' system in Outlook Express for my ezines.

I have a folder named 'Ezines' and inside that I have many subfolders.

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