Spam: Hiding Your Email Address

Written by Richard Lowe

In many instances you will want to put your email address on your website, even if you provide a form as a contact method. This is useful because it increasesrepparttar number of ways that someone can contact you. Why is that important? Because presumably if you have a website you are attempting to communicate withrepparttar 132830 world - and communication goes both ways. If you have a commercial site thenrepparttar 132831 answer should be obvious - someone may want to purchase something.

Another reason to put an email address directly on your web page is for people to request information via autoresponder. These allow your visitors to click a simple mailto link and get your promotional materials or articles in their email inbox.

The problem with directly including your email addresses on your page is spam harvesters. These a programs created by scum and run by ignorant or unethical fools. What they do is search throughrepparttar 132832 internet, looking at web sites and pages for email addresses to add to those million email address collections that you see advertised (mostly in spam) all overrepparttar 132833 place.

There is really no ironclad way to prevent these bottom-feeders from scanning your web site for email addresses. There are a number of techniques, however, to make it a little more difficult for them.

One of these is to code your email addresses in something called Unicode. This is a "language" for encoding special characters on web pages. All modern browsers support Unicode as it's primary intention is to allow languages all overrepparttar 132834 planet to be represented.

Spam is no vegetable!

Written by Shah N. Khan

Spammers are like spiders coming fromrepparttar World Wide Web and crawling in and on your mind, head, your body and spine. Many dictionaries do not give yourepparttar 132829 meaning of Spam. One dictionery defines it a a vegetable. The spell check in many word processing software would not give you its spelling!

Our unabashed dictionary defines Spam as pinchingrepparttar 132830 bottom of a girl in a crowded street.

On a crowded elevator of a sky-scrapper of a computer giant, a shapely lass was pinched at her bottom. She turned back and growled, " Who is spamming me?" The handsome young man behind her looked at her in face and said, "Pardon me. I thought it was a safe address". "Never mind, I will opt in for your mail!" The girl replied smilingly as she was impressed with his looks and mannerism.

As you know spam (noun) means an unsolicited e-mail message sent to many recipients at one time, or a news article posted simultaneously to many newsgroups or lists.

Spam is a sort of junk mail. Generallyrepparttar 132831 contents of a Spam message or article are not relevant torepparttar 132832 topic ofrepparttar 132833 group orrepparttar 132834 interests ofrepparttar 132835 recipient.

Spam is an abuse ofrepparttar 132836 Internet in order to distribute a commercial or religious or political message or publicity material to a huge number

of people at minimal cost.

Spambot means a program or device that automatically posts large amounts of repetitive or inappropriate material to newsgroups onrepparttar 132837 Internet.

Internet users are experiencing an increase in spamming! As thousands of new web sites are created every year and more businesses flocking torepparttar 132838 Internet, spamming either due to ignorance of Internet culture and rules or a willful disregard for them, has grown.

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