Spam: Bozo Filters

Written by Richard Lowe

A bozo filter is a feature of email and newsgroups clients to allow you to automatically delete messages which you do not want to receive. This is typically used to eliminate flame spam messages so you don't have to see them.

For example, I am subscribed to a number of topics on Yahoo Egroups. In general these groups have pleasant conversations among people who stay on topic and don't flame. There are two individuals, however, who are abusive and make no substantial contributions and seerepparttar need to post flames and sarcastic remarks regularly. I could just ignore (and delete) these messages myself, or I could (and have) set up a bozo filter in Outlook which automatically deletes all messages from their email address. This ensures that I don't need to readrepparttar 109646 messages from these people except as part of a reply to another message (rare).

Usingrepparttar 109647 filters supplied with virtually all modern email and newsgroup clients, you can seriously cut down on spam and other unwanted messages. However, to be effective, you have to maintain your filters on a regular basis. Here's what I do: whenever I receive an email which is undesirable, I scan it quickly to identify something which would identify it. This might berepparttar 109648 FROM address,repparttar 109649 SUBJECT (some or all of it) or various phrases withinrepparttar 109650 message body. Ifrepparttar 109651 FROM address is strange (which it often is in spam messages), then it's better to key offrepparttar 109652 subject or text body. These identifiers are then added to my filters. In other words, I tellrepparttar 109653 email client "if you see this phrase inrepparttar 109654 message body, then please automatically deleterepparttar 109655 message.

Autoresponders: The Fortune Is In The Follow Up!

Written by Marilynn Sheehan

Working an internet business means competing with countless other opportunities. It's a "mind blitz" out there in cyberspace!

Enticing ideas about online businesses bombard people like confetti at a wedding. So..The big question is...How do you keep someone's attention afterrepparttar first click?

It's a fact. Follow up isrepparttar 109645 lifeblood of your business! And it can be done easily and effectively. If well planned, autoresponders can turbo charge any business plan. When you first start advertising, you can use a different autoresponder for each ad. This provides an easy tracking system that any newbie can use.

Develop your use of autoresponders as both an art and a science. Invest some time and energy. And don't be timid about stretching your creative imagination.

Statistics prove that less than 5% of closed sales occur onrepparttar 109646 first contact. 85% of sign-ups require up to 7 or more followups. Don't ignore this fact!

However... who hasrepparttar 109647 time for this much followup when working hundreds or thousands of leads a month?

One ofrepparttar 109648 best ways to manage your lead flow is throughrepparttar 109649 use of autoresponders. They can take your prospects byrepparttar 109650 hand and lead them straight into your organization. Try it! It works for me!

I have take this proven plan a step further, and it is paying off handsomely.

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