Spainīs Flag - A Red And Yellow Beauty

Written by Linda Plummer

Spainīs flag (the national one) is as colorful asrepparttar country itself with its red and yellow horizontal triband.

The yellow stripe is inrepparttar 140356 middle and is twice as tall as each red band, andrepparttar 140357 height ofrepparttar 140358 flag is two-thirdsrepparttar 140359 width.

A simplified version of Spainīs coat-of-arms is pictured on repparttar 140360 yellow band, towardsrepparttar 140361 hoist side.

The Spanish coat-of-arms includesrepparttar 140362 royal seal, framed by repparttar 140363 Pillars of Hercules, which represent Gibraltar and Ceuta on either side ofrepparttar 140364 eastern end ofrepparttar 140365 Strait of Gibraltar.

The red banners displayrepparttar 140366 motto in Latin PLUS ULTRA, which means "More Beyond", alluding to Columbusī discovery ofrepparttar 140367 New World.

The two columns flank a shield that displays a castle, a lion wearing a crown, red and yellow vertical stripes, chain mail, and three fleurs-de-lis in an oval inrepparttar 140368 center.

An ornate red and golden crown sits atoprepparttar 140369 shield.

The flag used today in Spain was officially adopted on 19 December 1981. Previous to this, there had been an eagle on it as well but, in 1981,repparttar 140370 eagle was removed, leaving repparttar 140371 current red/yellow/red triband with crowned arms.

Spainīs Beaches - Youīre Spoilt For Choice

Written by Linda Plummer

Spain offersrepparttar visitor over 4,000 kms of coastline where s/he can enjoy shining sun and sapphire seas in wonderful settings.

And what a choice of sands! Golden sands, white sands, grainy sands, powdery sands, and evenrepparttar 140355 black sands ofrepparttar 140356 Canary Islands!

Allergic to sand? No problem! Just plump for a resort with smooth, white pebbles! Youīll find a good selection!

Already holidayed several times byrepparttar 140357 Mediterranean? Then why not tryrepparttar 140358 fairy-tale fishing villages washed byrepparttar 140359 Cantabrian Sea or Atlantic Ocean?

"Spanish beaches arerepparttar 140360 most environmentally healthy in Europe" saysrepparttar 140361 Foundation for Environmental Education, which has awardedrepparttar 140362 much-coveted Blue Flag to 450 ofrepparttar 140363 countryīs beaches - more than any other participating contry!

Leadingrepparttar 140364 way within Spain itself isrepparttar 140365 Costa Blanca, which received 48 Blue Flag awards. Then camerepparttar 140366 Costa Dorada (37) and Mallorca (33).

The Blue Flag Campaign, which started in 1987, is owned and run by an independent, non-profit-making organization calledrepparttar 140367 Foundation For Environmental Education, or FEE for short.

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