Source Code: Places You May Not Have Thought To Put Keywords

Written by Courtney Heard

We all know it's good practice to put in-context keywordsinto page titles, meta tags and alt tags. But here are a few places you may not have thought about.

1. Tables - You're most likely familiar with what a table tag looks like. They generally look like this <table width="100%" border="0" cellpadding="0"> or some variation, right? There are actually two areas within a table tag that keywords can be applied to. The table ID and Summary. A table tag written in this manner will look more like this <table width="100%" border="0" cellpadding="0" id="Accommodation Rates" summary="A breakdown of rates for Accommodations at Estancias Los Potreros">.

2. File Names - HTML, images, CSS files, php scripts, cgi scripts, asp scripts, java apps, video clips, sound bites, and every file you use to create your web site can be named using keywords that apply torepparttar web site content. Making sure these titles also apply torepparttar 127810 purpose ofrepparttar 127811 file itself is also very important, especially ifrepparttar 127812 file type can be indexed by search engine bots, like php and flash. Ifrepparttar 127813 name ofrepparttar 127814 file has very little to do with whatrepparttar 127815 file contains, it will have little to no affect on your keyword density.

3. Reference Tags - A normal reference tag looks like this <a href="">. A title can be added to this tag making it look like this <a href="" title="Horseback Riding Vacations in Argentina">. This can also be applied to mailto: reference tags. Because this text will be seen by web vistors when they hover their mouse overrepparttar 127816 link, it's good practice to keep it relevant and to-the-point. Never sacrifice user-friendliness

A Search Engine Optimizer's New Year's Resolutions

Written by Shawn Campbell

Withrepparttar ringing in ofrepparttar 127809 New Year, I resolve to become a better search engine optimizer (SEO). Below is a list of resolutions that I have made in order to make my clients' web sitesrepparttar 127810 absolute best onrepparttar 127811 web.
  • I will not use flash as text.
    • Even though many search engines can now read some ofrepparttar 127812 text embedded in flash, flash sites do not perform as well in search engine results as non-flash sites. Flash should primarily be used to enhance sites; inrepparttar 127813 same way one would use pictures to makerepparttar 127814 site look better.
  • I will not use images as text.
    • Although I personally believe that text in images will be read by search engines byrepparttar 127815 end of 2006, we are not there just yet. As it now stands, image text is invisible to search engines and therefore should not be used in that capacity.
  • I will use good usability techniques.
  • I will not use cloaking.
    • Cloaking is frowned upon by search engines. Once they catch you, you will get penalized (or in some instances, banned).
  • I will not use frames unless I have a REALLY good reason to.
    • Frames complicate things forrepparttar 127816 search engine. There are very few good reasons to use frames and thus they should be avoided whenever possible.
  • I will use a catchy title withrepparttar 127817 keyphrase in it.
    • Marketing is what we are all about. A catchy title will bring inrepparttar 127818 customers. A title containingrepparttar 127819 target keyphrase will raiserepparttar 127820 result inrepparttar 127821 search engines. Putrepparttar 127822 two together and you have a professional marketing title that works hard to bring in traffic.
  • I will trackrepparttar 127823 return on investment (ROI).
    • By trackingrepparttar 127824 ROI, I will clearly see ifrepparttar 127825 site is making or losing money. To track ROI one needs to co-relaterepparttar 127826 marketing dollars spent withrepparttar 127827 revenue earned. This statistic is usually hindered byrepparttar 127828 site's owner, who cannot (or does not) providerepparttar 127829 financial information, norrepparttar 127830 conversional statistics I need to track ROI.
  • I will write an alt tag that clearly depicts whatrepparttar 127831 image is, for every image.
    • This will help people without images on their screen know whatrepparttar 127832 image is about. Usingrepparttar 127833 keyphrase inrepparttar 127834 alt tag is a bonus because it will helprepparttar 127835 rankings slightly inrepparttar 127836 search engine results, but it is most important to describerepparttar 127837 image as clearly as possible.
  • I will use good informative content.
    • Ah yes, "Content is King". Allrepparttar 127838 above resolutions are meaningless if I don't have good content. This is what will bring inrepparttar 127839 search engines. This is what will bring inrepparttar 127840 clients. And this is what will bring inrepparttar 127841 dough.
  • I will not stuffrepparttar 127842 pages with keyphrases.
    • Stuffingrepparttar 127843 page with keyphrases goes againstrepparttar 127844 golden rule of good content. If you stuffrepparttar 127845 pages with keyphrases, they will no longer read well, and readers won't like to read them. Consequently, people won't enjoy your site, and becauserepparttar 127846 search engines are designed to figure out what people like and then display it to them,repparttar 127847 search engines will eventually begin to disregard your site. Therefore, ALWAYS use keyphrases wisely.

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