Soul Mates - Do They Really Exist?

Written by Joseph Ghabi

Soul Mates - Do they really exist?

Throughout centuries, story tellers, and people from different background and cultures always refer to their fascination in meeting one day their soul mates. Is Soul Mate a myth? Do they really exist? Or is Soul Mate a figment of our own imagination that can help keep our hope for a perfect relationship and keep our hope alive. Or is it an escape way for not handling or not looking at ourselves in such a way that we keep delaying our responsibilities and things can be fixed when we meet that perfect relationship with those Soul Mates. Everything is possible! It is up to you and me to deciderepparttar bottom line of this puzzle.

If we talk in such metaphysics tone of words used, we will say we are all coming fromrepparttar 125543 same source, one soul, branched out into different ventures or experiences to achieve and in reality we are all Soul Mate. Maybe thatís true but I believe there is more into it than that!!

How do we define Soul Mates?

Soul Mates is another Soul that sharerepparttar 125544 same exact similar way of understanding asrepparttar 125545 other Soul and in this lifetime so they decided to share their growth and understanding together. It does NOT mean Soul Mates have to be in a relationship to make it work. What do I mean by that?

Fromrepparttar 125546 motion that a Soul integrate into life through a particular family, geography, religion, or situation for certain reasons. I do believe we choose our family, we choose our religion, and we choose where we want to be born for certain thatrepparttar 125547 Soul itself will identify and inrepparttar 125548 same time you will be aware of it one day if you are well attuned within yourself. We will not disputerepparttar 125549 reasons we go through that because we will have unlimited reasons here.

Letís start with our choice of a family to be born with. If each one of us look deeper into our families there must be at least one person and many time there is more in our immediate family or cousin that we feel different with. That person can be your father, your sister, your niece, or your cousin. It really does not matter who that person but that person is your Soul Mate where you always enjoy being in their company, listening to them and mainly valued everything they say. Those experiences with Soul Mate we already started at young age. Then we grow up, how many of us we have one or two particular friends around us at school or where our parents moved torepparttar 125550 new neighborhood. I bet you everyone can relate to someone. And that goes on until we are adult andrepparttar 125551 dating game started.

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