Sona Institute Brings George Mason University To India

Written by J.L. Gandhi

Press Release

Bangalore India

13th July 2004

Sona Institute Brings George Mason University To India

Sona Valliappa Group a brand name driven by quality and built by value has been associated with education since 1958. The group is diversified in BPO, Textiles and Plantation playing a pivotal roll in industry. Vee Technologies today launched Sona Institute of Advanced studies (SIAS). SIAS has tied up with George Mason University Washington (GMU) to offer courses in Change Management. The GMU will offer its Post Graduate degree programs throughrepparttar Bangalore center. The students will have full access torepparttar 109356 GMU faculty and its online content.

Prof. Kingsley Haynesrepparttar 109357 Dean of GMU shared his views, ‘The tie up with SIAS is another step towards providing best opportunities for Indian students. The students will not incur enormous costs of travel and stay abroad far from their families.’

C.Valliappa Chairman who inaugurated SIAS said, withrepparttar 109358 problem of getting US visas becoming more and more difficult,repparttar 109359 SIAS offering would be an ideal solution.

Chocko Valliappa Founder Trustee says Change Management is becoming more and more important as companies move uprepparttar 109360 value chain from offshoring to outsourcing. Globalization, reengineering and outsourcing are all propoundingrepparttar 109361 need for change management.

Prof. JL Gandhirepparttar 109362 Dean will be responsible forrepparttar 109363 program. He mentioned thatrepparttar 109364 program would start onrepparttar 109365 27th of September structured over 5 semesters. The program will be structured for working professionals with classes held around weekends. Students successfully completingrepparttar 109366 program will be awarded Masters Degreerepparttar 109367 same asrepparttar 109368 one given inrepparttar 109369 USA. The students will benefit financially asrepparttar 109370 cost of doingrepparttar 109371 program in India will be a third of doingrepparttar 109372 same program inrepparttar 109373 USA. The program is open for corporate sponsorship by companies who wish to depute their key employees. Companies that sponsor more than 5 students in a single batch will be eligible to receive specialized consultancy services from George Mason.

Internet and Education—One Mom’s Perspective

Written by A.R. Linder

What is allrepparttar hoopla about children needing to be exposed to computers andrepparttar 109355 Internet? Let me share my experience.

My child isn’t a genius. Most aptitude testing has revealed that she is of average intelligence. But somehow this child has managed to consistently score aboverepparttar 109356 90th percentile nationally onrepparttar 109357 Iowa Test of Basic Skills—98th and 99th percentile in math. And, on Georgia’s sixth grade Criterion Referenced Comprehension Test (CRCT) scored 450 out of 450 onrepparttar 109358 reading section, surprising given that math has consistently been her strongest subject. We have just received her scores onrepparttar 109359 eighth grade CRCT with a score 422 onrepparttar 109360 reading portion showingrepparttar 109361 previous reading score was no fluke and exceeding on every other portion ofrepparttar 109362 test. She also scored a 92 on Georgia’s End-of Course Test for Algebra I. In short, she is doing quite well academically in school.

I’m not sure ofrepparttar 109363 exact reasons forrepparttar 109364 performance on these tests, although I believe a lot of it has to do with her hard work, consistent effort, and my persistence as a parent. That persistence has included using every resource I can find and afford to help my child excel. Many of those resources have been onrepparttar 109365 Internet.

Friday night found us in front ofrepparttar 109366 computer playing at a website based uponrepparttar 109367 “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” game. The differences are that allrepparttar 109368 questions are related to science, we can’t actually win a million dollars, it’s absolutely free, and my daughter and I arerepparttar 109369 players. It isn’t unusual for us to spend a couple of hours playing this game. I am always amazed by how much she knows as her age as well as how much I seem to have forgotten at mine.

Many years ago while developing and teaching Air Force training courses for U.S. Space Command, I became fascinated withrepparttar 109370 use of computers in learning. Also while working inrepparttar 109371 training area, I became a fan ofrepparttar 109372 basic premises of Thorndike’s Laws of Learning. Although some would characterize them as almost forgotten and even sometimes discredited, I have foundrepparttar 109373 laws to be helpful in flagging what works and what does not in educating my child as well as adults and youth in other programs I have managed. I have realized much success incorporatingrepparttar 109374 essence of those laws of learning and computer technology as I have dealt with my child’s learning. Thorndike’s laws are pretty simple:

The Law of Readiness deals with ensuring a child is ready to learn--making surerepparttar 109375 student is fed, free from too much worry, comfortable, and well aware ofrepparttar 109376 importance of what is to be learned. In other wordsrepparttar 109377 student must be prepared to learn. One exercise I have done with my child dealing with this law is researchingrepparttar 109378 admissions criteria for different schools. We have also comparedrepparttar 109379 costs of different institutions. We found sites like, a site providing loads of information and virtual tours of different college campuses, to be a handy reference for this exercise. We have even gone as far as to look at scholarship requirements using scholarship databases such as and We have been doing this sincerepparttar 109380 sixth grade. By understandingrepparttar 109381 requirements now, hopefully, we won’t be running around inrepparttar 109382 junior and senior years trying to get things in order. It is awfully difficult to bring up that grade point average in a couple of semesters, especially ifrepparttar 109383 young person is stressed by time constraints. Getting my child prepared now is my way of ensuring we are prepared whenrepparttar 109384 time comes. A worksheet for this exercise can be downloaded from my website

The Law of Exercise relates to making sure that practice is part ofrepparttar 109385 study routine—especially when dealing with essential facts and rules. The Internet and various software can be very useful in providing repetition in a not-so-routine manner. Games like Basket Math at where your child actually makes a hoop each time he or she getsrepparttar 109386 correct answer can make rote learning of multiplication tables a tad more interesting than just repeatingrepparttar 109387 multiplication tables over and over.

I remember clearly when I began to dislike math—a subject I had loved until, I believe, I ran intorepparttar 109388 wrong teacher. I remember my worst days in school. I remember my best days. I rememberrepparttar 109389 teachers who were creative and inspiring and know thatrepparttar 109390 best skills I possess today are inrepparttar 109391 areas they taught. That isrepparttar 109392 Law of Effect at work. I look very hard for sites that are good learning websites and share them with my daughter. I don’t want her to be turned off by sites that are really advertising monsters, just enticing you to a point of enjoyment and then launching an advertising scheme where you must make a purchase before you can go any further. Certainly I understand that many websites survive through their ability to sell products, however I believe this can be accomplished without bait and purchase gimmicks.

Goodness, have you ever tried to unlearn something you learned how to do wrong? This isrepparttar 109393 Law of Primacy, which states that what is learned first is learned best. You really have to make sure thatrepparttar 109394 resources that your child uses are good resources. Every textbook is not a good textbook; every website is not a good website; and every teacher is not a good teacher. And assuming that these tools are good simply because they exist or becauserepparttar 109395 school system uses them can cause your child a world of harm. A parent really has to do more than have these tools available. If you tryout a piece of software or an Internet resource and you cannot followrepparttar 109396 instructions, then there is a very good chance your child may not be able to effectively userepparttar 109397 resource either. Andrepparttar 109398 same rule applies with other resources as well. Some sites such as and gave really simple step-by-step instructions to concepts my child was learning in school, yet I had long forgotten. I was able to refresh my memory and to get her on track using these resources.

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