Someone I Love Died By Suicide

Written by Joan Bramsch

Someone I Love Died By Suicide by Doreen Cammarata

This month marksrepparttar "National Suicide Survivor Day". November 17, 2001 is set aside to recognize all those who have enduredrepparttar 102036 grief surroundingrepparttar 102037 suicide of a loved one. I would like to dedicate my first column to my mom. November 14th was her birthday and she died by suicide 15 years ago.

As a survivor myself, I reflect upon how much my life has changed and developed since my mom's death. An adolescent when her death occurred, my life was ultimately shaped into becoming a resource and support for individuals challenged by depression, suicide, grief and various types ofloss.

In my training as a counselor I focused on my own personal and professional growth inrepparttar 102038 field of grief counseling. I learned that education is a reciprocal process. My greatest teachers have beenrepparttar 102039 numerous students that I worked with in an alternative high school dropout retrieval program as well asrepparttar 102040 many young children I worked with at a local hospice program. While teaching at a university I am fortunate to have been touched by so many caring professional counselors, nurses and social workers who have attended my classes as well as byrepparttar 102041 resourceful professors who gave me my foundation of training.

During this specific time of recognition for suicide survivors, conferences will meet throughoutrepparttar 102042 country to educate and bring survivors together. You can access a "Live Webcast" on Saturday, November 17th from noon to 1:30p.m. by visitingrepparttar 102043 American Foundation of Suicide Prevention website: This organization provides research, bibliographies, updated articles and much more. For more information you can contact them directly at (212) 363-3500.

In my work facilitating suicide support groups I encourage survivors to share what they find asrepparttar 102044 key differences in grieving a suicide. Most survivors express intensified shock, anger and guilt in coping withrepparttar 102045 death of their special person.

I could identify with these feelings. Although I was only 17 when my mom died by suicide, I experienced extreme guilt in my grief. I believed that "if only" I had done something different, I could have saved her. I eventually came to terms withrepparttar 102046 fact that there was nothing I could have done to stop what had occurred. Like many survivors I too beat myself up withrepparttar 102047 "what if's" for quite some time.

Not all survivors experience guilt and anger but that tends to be a prominent theme for most. Anger can be felt in various ways. It is commonly directed atrepparttar 102048 individual who died. When in touch with this type of anger, many survivors tend to reflect onrepparttar 102049 struggles their loved one endured and then ultimately feel guilt ridden once again. For some, anger is directed at surviving loved ones in a blaming fashion. Encouraging survivors to express their anger as well as their other feelings in a therapeutic environment will have positive long-term effects.

It is crucial to be aware ofrepparttar 102050 accentuated duration and intensity of grief following a suicide. Most individuals take years to recover fromrepparttar 102051 devastation of this event. It is estimated that someone grieving a sudden loss will take three timesrepparttar 102052 average amount of time to heal fromrepparttar 102053 death. Being sensitive torepparttar 102054 amount of time andrepparttar 102055 extreme emotions that a survivor will feel during his grief is one way that you can assist inrepparttar 102056 healing process. Another way to help a survivor is by allowing him to tell and retellrepparttar 102057 specifics surroundingrepparttar 102058 death.

Coping With Teens

Written by Joan Bramsch

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Coping With Teens

Most of us were never taught to be parents. So we can't help but disappoint ourselves sometimes. How often have you heard yourself usingrepparttar very words you hated hearing from your own parents?

When our kids become teenagers, it gets even harder. They seem to reject everything we've taught them. As far as they're concerned, we know nothing. Our values and beliefs are constantly challenged. Every word we utter is seen as interference. Emotions run high.

But we're more important to our teens than ever. As they try outrepparttar 102035 values of their peers, who are more influential than ever, we counterrepparttar 102036 pull of drugs, alcohol and early sex. These entangle children every day and can ruin their lives.

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Missing Child

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