Some truly frightening statistics regarding economic freedom in The Untied States

Written by Mike Sylvester

The Wall Street Journal andrepparttar Heritage Foundation (A conservative think tank) just came out with their most recent Index of Economic Freedom. This index measuresrepparttar 125882 relative economic freedomrepparttar 125883 people of each country have. This study is performed by economists from aroundrepparttar 125884 world.

The study takes into account too many factors to list here: Taxes, corruption, government spending, property rights, regulations, barriers to business, tariffs, etc. The countries withrepparttar 125885 best ratings are countries that have a free market economy and small governments. The countries withrepparttar 125886 worst ratings have large and oppressive governments and a lot of barriers to free enterprise.

The Founding Father’s of this country envisioned a small government and a free market economy; unfortunately, our current politicians believe in large government and excessive regulation. The United States has fallen to being tied forrepparttar 125887 12th best country in regards to economic freedom. This poor ranking is due to excessive government spending andrepparttar 125888 enormous deficitsrepparttar 125889 Republican and Democratic parties have managed to accumulate since World War Two.

According torepparttar 125890 research performed by these economists, 36% ofrepparttar 125891 entire GDP ofrepparttar 125892 United States is government spending. This is an amazing and frightening statistic. What this means is thatrepparttar 125893 government spends over one third of all money spent in this country. The other two thirds is spent byrepparttar 125894 citizens of this country,repparttar 125895 ten million illegal aliens residing in this country, foreign tourists, and American and foreign businesses doing business inrepparttar 125896 United States. Prior to World War Two, government spending inrepparttar 125897 United States was under 4%! The government is growing at an alarming and unsustainable pace.

Both The Republican and Democratic parties believe in large government and increasing regulation. Neither party has made any attempt to do anything other then grow government. The main difference betweenrepparttar 125898 two parties is what they want to spend our tax money on, not how much of our money, our children’s money, and our grandchildren’s money they want to spend. Both parties want to spend every dollar they get their hands on, this is not enough for them, so they are now borrowing from future generations.

A Libertarian’s Christmas Wish list for 2005

Written by Mike Sylvester

I moved back to Fort Wayne five years ago. I moved back to Fort Wayne to raise my family. I want to do my part to make America a better place for my children; I do not think anything is more important then that.

I feel that America has made some very bad decisions inrepparttar last 84 years. In 1920 Franklin Roosevelt started “The New Deal” andrepparttar 125881 government started growing. In 1920 total government spending was about 4% ofrepparttar 125882 Gross Domestic Product. Today, total government spending is about 40% ofrepparttar 125883 Gross Domestic Product! This means that about 40% of all spending inrepparttar 125884 United States is now done by one government entity or another. This is a trend that must be stopped. Our government gets larger and more inefficient every year. Bigger is NOT better.

I want my children to grow up in a country where citizens are responsible for their own actions. I want my children to grow up in a country whererepparttar 125885 United States Constitution is respected and adhered to. I want my children to live in a country that manufactures products; not one in which everything is made in China. I want my children to grow up in a country whererepparttar 125886 government has a limited role and our citizenry is responsible for their own actions. I want my children to grow up in a world likerepparttar 125887 one envisioned by our “Founding Fathers.”

Here is my Christmas Wish list for 2005: 1.I want to seerepparttar 125888 Republican House, Senate, and President Bush reign in Federal spending like they have been promising for years; I do not want to seerepparttar 125889 government keep adding one half a trillion dollars per year torepparttar 125890 existing Federal debt. The Federal debt currently stands at over $7,600,000,000! 2.I want to see Mitch Daniels andrepparttar 125891 Republican majorities inrepparttar 125892 Indiana House and Senate balancerepparttar 125893 Indiana budget by reigning in spending. The local taxes I pay already skyrocketed far too much in 2004. My sales tax went up one percent AND my property tax went up over 61% this year. I paid almost $2000 more in local and state taxes in 2004 then I did in 2003. 3.I want to seerepparttar 125894 current seat belt laws for adults completely revoked in Indiana and I want to seerepparttar 125895 current proposals to expandrepparttar 125896 seat belt laws get defeated. It is absurd thatrepparttar 125897 government should try to regulate whether law abiding citizens are wearing a seat belt or not.

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