Some Villain Thoughts About a Container Village

Written by Iulia Pascanu

Preview: "Shipping containers" have yet nothing to do with "housing" in Romania. Is there any chance that they will soon? Belonging to Eastern European block, released in 1989 from communist oppression, Romania has already experienced 15 years of less and less stunning freedom.


I read a few articles about shipping container housing. It took me about five minutes to realize this subject makes your mind frolic endlessly on an imaginary (however not utopian) land. Those articles belong to some very respectable gentlemen (at least that wasrepparttar impression they made on me, at first reading) – that praise living in shipping containers.

Let's go cheap

A 40 foot-long shipping container could reach to $1,500-2,000. I started asking myself questions about how this subject could become a solution for homeless people in Romania (that's where I live), where flats cost (at least) $20,000. And they're not 40 foot-long.

Atrepparttar 132355 same time, Romania has a lot of peripheral categories:repparttar 132356 poor,repparttar 132357 old,repparttar 132358 young,repparttar 132359 unemployed,repparttar 132360 pitman,repparttar 132361 gypsy,repparttar 132362 orphan,repparttar 132363 student.

Could they benefit from this recent discovery that living in some kind of shoe-boxes can be really cool and trendy? I'll try to answer that.

A few advantages from a Romanian point of view: for peripherals it's cheap, for artists it's unconventionalrepparttar 132364 subject is quite green you can "camp" anywhere you want (Romania has not few spectacular landmarks)repparttar 132365 result you get using shipping containers can be anywhere between "plastic" and "platinum", practical and fantasy, serious and ludic - you can move your "house" around. At least that's what LOT/EK people are trying to prove by their "mobile dwelling unit" project. Earthquakes, floods and sliding land are some serious problems in Romania, so being able to leaverepparttar 132366 place at a snail's pace may be useful. - most Romanians live in blocks of flats that pretty much look like overcrowded shipping containers (and usually inadequate to modern standards: water supply, heating, insulation, comfort etc). Could shipping container houses actually mean a reasonable escape? Maybe, if they are properly transformed and adapted to living conditions. - A sad fact is that few Romanians actually haverepparttar 132367 possibility to pay $2,000 cash for a house-to-be. If you are not a Romanian 2007 could be, inrepparttar 132368 optimist version,repparttar 132369 year that Romania will join EU. Compared to Western standards, Romanian land properties are very cheap. Land-purchase conditions arerepparttar 132370 same for both Romanians and foreigners.

Ohio Musician Returns to Florida and Teams With The Red Cross to Offer Relief With Funds From New Live CD

Written by Paul Rader

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 16, 2004

Monday, September 13--Put-in-Bay, Ohio - A veteran solo acoustic entertainer from northern Ohio is returning to Florida for his second winter season this October, bringing relief fromrepparttar recent hurricane disasters there by contributing music to generate funds for hurricane disaster relief. Paul Rader, who performs at Bear Bottom Beach Club in Key West every year, is donating five hundred ($500) dollars cash and fifty percent (50%) ofrepparttar 132353 profits of his latest CD, Land ofrepparttar 132354 Cover Band Live - Vol. I, torepparttar 132355 American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. Forrepparttar 132356 remainder of 2004 Rader will make weekly contributions torepparttar 132357 fund that a Red Cross source says is already "strapped for cash."

The Red Cross estimates damages in excess of $63 million dollars but that does not include potential costs of Hurricane Ivan making landfall. So far, they have only been able to raise $35 million dollars to help families effected byrepparttar 132358 storms. When you look atrepparttar 132359 staggering numbers, it would take to return everybody's life back to normal, it seems completely overwhelming. “What I'm offering seems insignificant by comparison but I'm hoping that it will inspire other independent performers to dorepparttar 132360 same," says Rader. For those who want to donate, he has set up links torepparttar 132361 Red Cross's website, as well as links to make contributions through his artist website

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