Some Computer Forensics Basics

Written by Allen Butler

- Computer Forensics in a Nutshell Computer forensics are examinations of computers made during a criminal investigation. When police look intorepparttar files and data on a computer during an investigation, they are using computer forensics. It is obvious that you would want to look at a suspect's computer if they are involved in a hacking or industrial espionage case whererepparttar 140575 computer is being actively used to commitrepparttar 140576 crime, but these are notrepparttar 140577 only sorts of cases where computer forensics is used. Even if a murder case or a theft where a suspect used a computer could have information on it that is important torepparttar 140578 case. You never know where you might findrepparttar 140579 information that you need for a case, and so investigators look at everything they can find. - What Computer Forensics Investigators Look At There are three basic kinds of data that a computer forensics investigator will look at when examining a computer: saved data, meta data and deleted data. The first thing that a computer forensics investigator will do before examining this data is to make a copy ofrepparttar 140580 hard drive. Even just looking at a file can sometimes changerepparttar 140581 data or meta data, and it is important that none ofrepparttar 140582 original information is tampered with when using it in a criminal investigation. Making a copy ofrepparttar 140583 computer's hard drive allowsrepparttar 140584 investigator to go through all ofrepparttar 140585 data without having to worry that he is tampering with potential evidence. Saved data is any data that is normally accessible on a hard drive. It is allrepparttar 140586 data that is saved ontorepparttar 140587 hard drive. This includes things like documents, imagages, internet logs, program files, etc. This isrepparttar 140588 easiest data to look at, because it involves no special working to access these files. Sometimes files might be hidden within multiple folders or using confusing file names, sorepparttar 140589 examination will need to be thorough to make sure anything important torepparttar 140590 case is found. Files can also sometimes be password protected, which makes it more difficult for an investigator to open them to read them. Computer forensics investigators are trained to get around these kinds of blocks. Meta data is information that accompanies saved data. It isrepparttar 140591 information that tells you aboutrepparttar 140592 saved dat, like when a file was created, when it was last modified and when it was last accessed. This tells us when something was made, whenrepparttar 140593 person who createdrepparttar 140594 file was using it and if he had made any changes to it. This can be useful as it can help put a timeline torepparttar 140595 datarepparttar 140596 investigator is looking at, and match up information for use withrepparttar 140597 case.

Save Money and the Environment with Xerox Phaser Solid Ink Printers

Written by Allen Butler

Xerox line of Phaser printers are amongrepparttar best printers available for office printing solutions. With great prices they arerepparttar 140574 most affordable printers in their class. You can purchase a Xerox printer for only a little more than you would pay for many black-only printers. Previous printers in this line had used Laser technology, they have now upgraded to using solid ink. Solid ink unlike liquid ink allows for one pass printing that is as fast as a laser printer along with beingrepparttar 140575 same quality. Because you can easily refillrepparttar 140576 ink without having to purchase entire new cartridges in order to print, it saves you money not only in purchasingrepparttar 140577 printer but in keeping it filled with ink to keep on printing your office documents.

With solid ink, you can just replacerepparttar 140578 ink without having to purchase entire new cartridges, saving you time and money as well as being better forrepparttar 140579 environment. Ink is stored in solid sticks rather than liquid which must be contained inside of a disposable cartridge, so there is no extra waste. Our landfills are being filled with computer cartridges and carriers that must be disposed of. If you care aboutrepparttar 140580 environment and everybody does, using solid ink is a way for you and your company to not only save money but do something good forrepparttar 140581 environment as well.

When you get your replacement ink, you simply slip your new color stick intorepparttar 140582 built in cartridge inrepparttar 140583 machine, andrepparttar 140584 ink will be taken fromrepparttar 140585 stick as it is being printed. This provides for easy reloading of your printer apparatus, and also removesrepparttar 140586 mess associated with liquid ink cartridges. Solid ink can never spill or leak because it is in a solid form. You can do it in seconds onrepparttar 140587 fly without having to ever worry. And there are no problems ifrepparttar 140588 ink starts to get low, unlike liquid ink solid ink prints just as high quality documents when it is almost out of ink as it does when it is full, so you can keep on printing untilrepparttar 140589 ink is completely gone.

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