Some Advertising Is Doomed To Fail - Find Out Why

Written by Diane Hughes

When people are concerned aboutrepparttar lack of response to their advertising, usually they complain about one of two things. They either say, "I put it in allrepparttar 101205 popular ezines but nobody responded" or "I followed allrepparttar 101206 copywriting 'rules' but didn't even get one sale." This dilemma is normally due to one common problem. There is one thing most people don't think about that dooms their advertising to failure.

Advertising is a process, not an event. Basically this means four things.

(1) Your copy has to be fabulous. (2) Your placement has to be right on target. (3) Your timing has to be impeccable. (4) You must repeat your ads regularly.

The one thing that most people don't consider that dooms their ads to failure is that all four elements inrepparttar 101207 process must be in place.

Let's go through them individually to get some clarification and ensure your ads getrepparttar 101208 response they should.

-->> Your Copy Has To Be Fabulous <<--

Copy, especially with online advertising, is a primary concern. It has to grab. It has to push those emotional triggers. It has to stand out fromrepparttar 101209 crowd in order to be seen. This normally means using a benefits-oriented approach.

When you speak to your customers through your advertising, your primary goal should be to answer two questions. "So what?" and "What's in it for me?"

-->> Your Placement Has To Be Right On Target <<--

Just becauserepparttar 101210 ezines, newsletters or Web sites you chose to place your ad with are popular doesn't mean your target audience frequents them. For example, let's say Worldwide Marketing Ezine has over 100,000 subscribers and everybody you know reads it likerepparttar 101211 Bible. You may be tempted to place an ad with them thinking you'll get a huge response. But if your product is an ebook that deals with gardening, you are most likely wasting your time and money.

When people read Worldwide Marketing Ezine, their focus is on business and promotions, not gardening. Yes, some of these people may be avid gardeners, but throwing a gardening ad at them while they are in "marketing mode" won't get yourepparttar 101212 response you want. A better idea is to seek out ezines that cater to gardening enthusiasts. That way, your ad will be placed in front of people who have an interest in gardening - while they are in "gardening mode".

-->> Your Timing Has To Be Impeccable <<--

There are some general "timing" rules that apply in advertising.

1. Never advertise during a holiday weekend unless you are in retail. Most people are geared toward being with family duringrepparttar 101213 holidays and don't notice advertising as much. The exception to this is retail. These stores dorepparttar 101214 majority of their sales during holiday times.

Understanding The Basics Of Advertising

Written by Craig Valine

I getrepparttar L.A. Times delivered to my door every day, but I don't read it forrepparttar 101204 articles. It is a Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper, butrepparttar 101205 articles just don't interest me. Unlike most people, I readrepparttar 101206 paper forrepparttar 101207 advertisements because there is a lot to learn from them.

Over 90% ofrepparttar 101208 ads run inrepparttar 101209 Los Angeles Times are horrible! Most ofrepparttar 101210 ads I see are either ego-driven, have no headline, have no call to action, don't appeal to whatrepparttar 101211 buyer is truly looking for or needs help with, or they're trying to be clever for clever-sake, and fail miserably.

When writing copy, I live by this premise:

"The purpose of advertising is to sell something."

Advertising is like an investment that you hope to get a great return on. However, most people treat it like they're playing Roulette in Vegas and bet all their money "on black."

The basics of good copy is to think in terms of words that sell.

Following are some basics in advertising that should help you make your advertising more effective.

1. Concentrate on your prospects. Inrepparttar 101212 end you must persuade him/her no matter what method you use. And to do that, you must understand how he/she thinks.

2. Know your product - its materials, its manufacturer, its use, etc. Know its features inside and out.

3. Findrepparttar 101213 problem your product solves. The solution would, of course, berepparttar 101214 benefit. It may be a mental, spiritual, physical, or financial benefit, but as advertising legend Maxwell Sackheim once said, "your product must have an excuse for its existence."

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