Solving the "I Get Tons of Traffic But No Sales" Mystery

Written by Karon Thackston

by Karon Thackston © 2003

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve heardrepparttar statement, “I get tons of traffic, but no sales.” It’s normally followed by comments like: “My site is highly optimized forrepparttar 108154 engines and my rankings are great. I don’t understand why no one is buying.” Let me shed some light on this mystery.

Most often, when site owners (or professional copywriters for that matter) write “search engine optimized” copy, they develop tunnel vision. They are so focused onrepparttar 108155 placement of keyphrases throughoutrepparttar 108156 copy that they neglect something very important…repparttar 108157 customer!

Becauserepparttar 108158 immediate task at hand “seems” to be gettingrepparttar 108159 site ranked high,repparttar 108160 writer neglects to take out his or her crystal ball and gaze intorepparttar 108161 future. What should you be askingrepparttar 108162 crystal ball? “What happens whenrepparttar 108163 customer gets to my site?”

Oops! Didn’t think of that? Don’t feel embarrassed. Many people don’t. Developing SEO (search engine optimized) copy is like creating a complete circle. You have to have good keyword saturation in order to get ranked in those prime spots. You have to have keyword-rich title and description tags (mostlyrepparttar 108164 title tag) to land inrepparttar 108165 top 10. Once you achieve that your site starts drawing in surfers. Now that they’ve clicked to your site, what happens? The copy has to give them what they want/need. That’srepparttar 108166 missing piece torepparttar 108167 puzzle andrepparttar 108168 factor that causes so many people to scratch their heads in disbelief.

When writing SEO copy, you have to think ofrepparttar 108169 beginning ANDrepparttar 108170 end ofrepparttar 108171 process. You have to create copy that satisfies bothrepparttar 108172 engine andrepparttar 108173 customer. Once you do, you’ll not only have boatloads of traffic, but you’ll haverepparttar 108174 sales that go along with it. So, there… mystery solved! Or at least part of it.

We’ve coveredrepparttar 108175 “why,” now let’s look atrepparttar 108176 “how.”

1. Know Your Target Audience

In order to give someone what he/she wants, you have to know what that want is. Takerepparttar 108177 time to research your target audience (also called target customer, perfect customer, or ideal customer). Find out as much as you can about them including who they are, what they do, how they use your product/service, how old they are, what problems they have, and how they prefer to receive information.

How to Improve Your Writing Without Writing a Word

Written by Walter Burek

Many an ad, business letter and TV commercial comes into being slowly, even painfully. Maybe because some of us write as if we were still using an IBM Selectric, wite-out and a badly worn Webster's. For that matter, maybe some still are. And that's OK.

But in these digital days, software andrepparttar Internet can help a tech-savvy writer be a better writer and make gettingrepparttar 108153 job done easier. While writing every day is stillrepparttar 108154 best practice for improving your writing skills, there are programs and Web sites available today that can really help your writing along.

Here are 18 digital tools you can use to research, brainstorm, organize, compose, communicate and bring outrepparttar 108155 better writer in you.

Wordsmithing Grammar and Style

Cliché Finder. You've always been told to "avoid clichés likerepparttar 108156 plague." But sometimes there's no other way to write or talk your way out of a sticky situation. This site lets you search for justrepparttar 108157 right cliché, by entries that include a specific word. | |

Common Errors in English. This is a useful list of words often misused. Plus an interesting list of usages people keep telling you are wrong but which are actually standard in English. Links to other grammar resources as well. | |

Dictionary of Difficult Words. Do you aim to become a member ofrepparttar 108158 literati, or do you wish to be a savant? Do you want to avoid being verbigerative and be succinct instead? Search this list of over 13,900 difficult words to increase your vocabulary or just find out what those words really mean. | | Everything you want to know about amusing quirks, peculiarities, and oddities ofrepparttar 108159 English language. Stuff like palindromes, spoonerisms, oxymora, and more. | |

Word Play. A list of links to dictionaries, foreign language translations, word games and wacky sites like The Apostrophe Protection Society, Burma Shave Signs, The Country & Western Song Generator and The Klingon Language Institute. | |

The Word Spy. This site is devoted to recently coined words and phrases, old words that are being used in new ways, and existing words that have enjoyed a recent renaissance. | |

Word Menu. This software version of Random House's printed Word Menu blends allrepparttar 108160 best features of a dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia into one-easy-to-use reference. Words are organized by subject rather than alphabetically. Windows and Mac. Available from

WordDog Plain English Editor. Add this program to your Microsoft Word app and it will sniff out ambiguous words, verbose phrases, redundancies and overworked phrases. Windows only. Available from

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