Solving Common Problems with Hosting Companies

Written by Robin Nobles

Solving Common Problems with Web Hosting Companies

by Robin Nobles

For those of you with Web sites, you probably know what a “host” is. It’s a company that provides a location, or address, onrepparttar Internet where your Web site resides.

In other words, just like a physical business needs an address, so does a Web site. You can’t have a Web site and just “stick it up” onrepparttar 134414 Web. Unless you want to set up your own server, you have to go through a hosting company who gives you that address, including server space and bandwidth, that enablesrepparttar 134415 search engines and visitors to find your site.

Let’s look at some common problems we often have with hosting companies:

* You can never find an actual person to talk to! They may have a 24-hour customer service line open, but you can never get through to a real person.

* Hosting companies often think thatrepparttar 134416 “lowest price” will always getrepparttar 134417 sale, but they fail to realize that what people really want is excellent customer service, servers that are up almost 100% ofrepparttar 134418 time, and a variety of services that come withrepparttar 134419 hosting package.

* Many hosting companies don’t provide any other functionality other than Web site hosting. They don’t provide a “control panel” full of goodies such as PGP secure e-mail, shopping carts, log analysis, database creation, etc.

* Guess what? Technical support people often don’t makerepparttar 134420 best “customer support” people. They may be technical gurus, but their main interest lies in their high tech servers and other functionality, rather than solvingrepparttar 134421 simple problems of their customers.

* In other words, weak customer service is a major problem withrepparttar 134422 majority of hosting companies these days.

Which Web Host Should I Choose To Host My Business Site?

Written by Jonathan Caputo

Which Web Host Should I Choose To Host My Business Site? By Jonathan Caputo

This article focuses onrepparttar differences between various business hosting services, and helpsrepparttar 134413 reader identify some important criteria in choosing a hosting provider for their business (for instance, do you require a dedicated server, a managed server, or a shared server). A business web site could range anywhere from a simple ecommerce site which sells one product, to a very complex pay per click engine with real time statistics and payment functionality.

Even with all ofrepparttar 134414 consolidation going on inrepparttar 134415 web hosting industry, there are still thousands upon thousands of hosting companies to choose from. If you visit some of their sites, you will see that each of them tout some features you may or may not of even heard of before (Miva Scripting, Co-Location services, Virtual Private Servers, Redundant backbone connections, etc). The very first question you must ask yourself is not which hosting company to choose but rather, WHY do you need a hosting company?

Your particular needs are crucial in determiningrepparttar 134416 kind of hosting you need. Web Hosting comes in many different flavors and sizes, (not to mention prices!) so its key that you shop for onlyrepparttar 134417 services you require or you will be paying for a lot of services that you don’t need. When trying to decide which hosting company will best suit your needs be sure to ask yourself a few questions first. Here are some important ones:

1. What kind of functionality will you require (ie Database, secure server for processing credit cards, etc.) 2. What will your traffic needs require (do you anticipate your site having small, moderate, or significant traffic) 3. How important are load times (if a majority of your visitors are global you might want to consider a hosting company that has a presence overseas as well asrepparttar 134418 U.S. – also you may want to consider a dedicated server as opposed to sharing a server with several other businesses)

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