Solving Baby Sleep Problems - It’s Time to Sleep

Written by Graham Nicoll

If you’re pacingrepparttar floor with a wide-awake baby in your arms at 3am every morning, but can’t bearrepparttar 146700 tears when you put him down, then maybe you need to start doing something differently – as they say “ if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you keeping getting what you’ve always got”.

So is there really a magic formula that will enable you to get your baby or toddler to sleep throughrepparttar 146701 night?

If you’re a parent with a young child then here’s a question that may make you yawn – what were you doing this morning at 1am, 3am or 5am. Were you sleeping like a baby or were you in fact cuddling and rocking your little cherub in an attempt to get them back to sleep? After all that’s what being a parent is all about – isn’t it?!

A lucky few will have been asleep in bed throughoutrepparttar 146702 night, but a large percentage ofrepparttar 146703 parenting population will have been up feeding or pacingrepparttar 146704 floor withrepparttar 146705 little bundles of joy.

Just as your newborn weaves magic through your heart,repparttar 146706 effects of sleep deprivation can cast a spell on your body and mind. One child in three has real sleep issues before they reach school age, but these can be overcome in many cases - and it doesn’t have to involve leaving your baby to cry for hours on end.

So, Why Don’t Young Children Sleep?

We all sleep in cycles consisting of blocks of light and deep sleep. If you rock your baby to sleep or let them fall asleep atrepparttar 146707 breast before putting him down, you’re heading for problems. Your baby passes into a phase of light sleep and is more likely to wake as they realise they’re alone. They’ll cry, you’ll go back to them and because you don’t know any other way, you’ll pick them up, rock them back to sleep and put them back in their cot. Andrepparttar 146708 cycle continues!

Common Sense Way

Controlled comforting was devised by Australian mother-craft nurse Rhonda Abrahams. It’s kinder than controlled crying. ‘A baby under 6 months should never be left to cry,’ says Ronda ‘older babies shouldn’t be left for more than 10 minutes crying.’

Rhonda based her technique on common sense. ‘Babies need to learn to go to sleep by themselves so that if they wake inrepparttar 146709 night they’re able to settle themselves back to sleep,’ she explains. To work,repparttar 146710 techniques need to be used for all types of sleep, or your baby will get mixed messages. And little ones learn by repetition. So you should adopt this routine for both daytime and nighttime sleeps.

Ready or Not?

Before startingrepparttar 146711 programme… üEnsure your baby is well. If they become ill just as you startrepparttar 146712 new routine, stop and start again when they are better. üMake sure that you’re well – it won’t do either of you any good to be starting a new routine while your body is under stress. üTry to keep a fairly free week to devote as much time and effort as possible to makingrepparttar 146713 routine work. A busy schedule will make it harder, and it’ll take longer to work. üIf anyone else cares for your baby, make sure they know what’s involved – nothing sabotages a new routine as fast as mixed messages. üGet a dim nightlight so that your baby can see their surroundings when they wake.

It’s Just Routine

A regular routine isrepparttar 146714 surest way to get a baby or toddler to sleep independently. Little ones respond to a familiar pattern of events, and sleeping inrepparttar 146715 same environment each night gives then a sense of security and comfort. Establishing a bedtime routine will benefit not only your child, but also `you and your partner as you can have a bit of adult quiet time’.

Encourage patterns inrepparttar 146716 life of your newborn, as these will turn into routine – and babies learn from repetition. Keep in mind that a habit can be formed in just three days!

The best way to establish a routine is to userepparttar 146717 feed / play / sleep method. Duringrepparttar 146718 day when your baby wakes, feed them and then let them play for a while. Watch out for tired signs (yawning, rubbing their eyes, grizzling, hiding their face). When you notice them, you’ll need to begin settling them. Have a cuddle before a daytime nap; inrepparttar 146719 evenings, give them a relaxing bath. Baby massage can also calm your baby. Never over stimulate your child before bedtime or think thatrepparttar 146720 longer you keep them up,repparttar 146721 more tired they’ll become andrepparttar 146722 easier it will be to get them off to sleep. An overtired baby is harder to settle, and if you wait until they’re tired to begin their last feed then they’ll drop off to sleep while you’re feeding them. The main challenge with this is that your baby will get a fright when they wake up inrepparttar 146723 cot by themselves and they’ll wonder where you are; after all when they fell asleep they were in your arms!

Baby Yoga and Me

Written by Lucy Curran

Having carried a sizable bump around for a very long, very hot summer, I really wasn’t inrepparttar mood for a work out.

As Gwyneth Paltrow and all of my other coat-hanger thin celebrity peers snaked their way, all skin and bone aboutrepparttar 146699 tabloids, I scowled and knew that, even ifrepparttar 146700 mood did ever take me as I sat covered in powered milk, I would just never haverepparttar 146701 time to get back in shape now that I always had my baby in toe. After all, its not as if I could balance Harry onrepparttar 146702 rowing machine as I made forrepparttar 146703 nearest treadmill – I didn’t think they’d like that down atrepparttar 146704 health club.

I did tryrepparttar 146705 gym. Once. Inspired by Gwynnies size eight flat chestedness I did deposit Harry at my mums’, and went for one swim amongstrepparttar 146706 well toned – but my self-esteem could just not cut it. Having been a large pregnant woman and having had a difficult birth, my body was not as it should be, and I didn’t stay for long. I’m sure no one cared about my having varicose veins now, but I did, and I suddenly felt very much like a mum, and nothing else. Loosing faith inrepparttar 146707 idea that I’d ever have a waist again, I pooled my NCT friends to see if they had any tips on how to regain a good shape, withoutrepparttar 146708 embarrassment.

There was no way I was doing yoga. It turned out after speaking torepparttar 146709 girls that they already had a fitness plan, and were meeting to go to some yoga classrepparttar 146710 following week. I’d only ever seen yoga on television, and I wouldn’t have even considered trying it pre-Harry – I was never that skinny and stealth. The women all looked like they hadn’t eaten for at least five years, and there was no way I was ever learning how to be a ‘delicate lotus’ with all ofrepparttar 146711 cellulite I’d accumulated now. I lied and told them I couldn’t get a babysitter…

Turns out you can take your little ones to baby yoga. I was worried it would be new agey, but our first session soon dispelled allrepparttar 146712 worries I had about that. Friendly and chatty,repparttar 146713 class was only for parents, and I met a whole gaggle of new local mums. We chatted about our babies, their first rolls, nappies and missing socks, and Harry played merrily withrepparttar 146714 other tots that were there – something which really made me smile as he’s an only child and I was worried that when it came to mixing with other babies he’d wouldn’t cope. Turns out he’s a bit of a socialite – that’s my boy!

A qualified baby yoga teacher, our leader, Sue, started us off with some very simple stretches, which were fine for any physical type. Her training with Birthlight means she knows exactly what our bodies have been through, and so nothing was too much. I was petrified that Harry would cry when it came to including him inrepparttar 146715 work out (the baby isn’t put under any stress either byrepparttar 146716 way – there’s just lots of great, gentle skin to skin contact and muscle stimulation, no sun salutations just yet!) but he just smiled. It must feel good, after all, to haverepparttar 146717 shouty tired woman who’s been harassing you for all this time give you some proper, physical warmth and lavish attention.

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