Solutions Online Magazine Announces Second Issue of 2005

Written by Matthew Bratschi

Solutions Online Magazine Announces Second Issue of 2005 Hollander Consultants’ Publication Adds New Section

Portland, OR: Solutions Online Magazine, published by Hollander Consultants, has released its second issue for 2005, which can be found at This issue contains more industry-specific content than any previous issue.

“A new addition torepparttar magazine isrepparttar 143429 inclusion of profiles of successful doctors in private practice. Dr. Jeff Carden of Alabama, Dr. Tommasina Pasqua of Michigan and Dr. Kathleen Bartos of Florida are all highlighted in this issue as having successfully used practice management consultants to achieve their professional goals,” said managing editor Matthew Bratschi.

This issue contains four how-to practice management articles, nine industry-specific general news articles andrepparttar 143430 three profiles ofrepparttar 143431 above doctors.

Bratschi said, “Solutions Magazine is continuing to provide relevant material to doctors, practice owners and practice managers inrepparttar 143432 veterinary, dentistry and optometry professions. We have created a magazine that gives hard-hitting advice on areas that may need changing within a healthcare practice, as well as providing general professional news to our key readers.”

A Review of Time Magazine

Written by Jason Canon

Sincerepparttar computer revolution began it has been increasing difficult to stay abreast ofrepparttar 142852 really important news. If information overload has you busy trying to sortrepparttar 142853 important stories fromrepparttar 142854 mundane then you probably should take a fresh look at Time Magazine. From big story world events to what's new in science and industry,repparttar 142855 economy, technology, sports, people inrepparttar 142856 news, TV, movies and music, Time Magazine serves uprepparttar 142857 information people need to stay informed. Time Magazine saves you time by cutting throughrepparttar 142858 information deluge and delivering onlyrepparttar 142859 highest quality content.

Time Magazine makes a great gift because it is appreciated week after week. Time Magazine is my first news source choice because it deliversrepparttar 142860 greatest value forrepparttar 142861 money. Considering its rich content,repparttar 142862 magazine is truly bargain priced. With Time Magazine you can consolidate your news gatering efforts into one convenient weekly publication.

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