Software Promotion

Written by S. Housley

Software Announce

by Sharon Housley

Creating amazing software is only halfrepparttar battle. Telling repparttar 133518 world about your software isrepparttar 133519 other half. With working capital, consider employing someone who specializes in software promotion. To work with an established reputable firm can esure success when marketing software. Two promotional companies that knowrepparttar 133520 software industry, and can provide valuable marketing advice and insight are: Shareware Promotions - Dr File Finder .

Outside of hiring professionals to market software, there are still a number of options for marketing software, in most cases,repparttar 133521 only investment will be time.

1. Post Press Releases to Online Resources If press releases or product announcements are sent out, consider postingrepparttar 133522 announcements to websites, there are a number that allow for press release posting free of charge. The releases on these sites are occasionally picked up by publications looking for information or filler content. Another side benefit to these listings is increased link popularity, which helps with search engine ranking. A list of sites that allow for press release posting can be found under 'press release posting' A number are available at -

2. Post Announcement on Usenet A number of Usenet groups allow for posting of announcements or press releases. Most ofrepparttar 133523 announce groups in Usenet contain 'ann.' inrepparttar 133524 domain address. To locate topic specific announce groups consider searching A list of common software announce groups are listed below. fm.announce

3. Post to Forums Forums also contain sections in which you can post announcements. Ifrepparttar 133525 application is niche product, consider searching for topic specific forums in addition torepparttar 133526 general software announce forums listed below. Be sure to post any announcements inrepparttar 133527 appropriately marked 'announce forum'

Secure Passwords

Written by Sharon Housley

Keeping Your Passwords Secure Asrepparttar web has evolved, so haverepparttar 133517 methods of collecting personal information. A large number of websites require visitors to register to gain access or participate. Whilerepparttar 133518 need for registration is understandable, tracking user names and passwords can be burdensome. Consider using software to store your passwords, in a safe accessible manner.

Most websites have privacy policies, butrepparttar 133519 value of privacy statements are only as honorable asrepparttar 133520 people behindrepparttar 133521 websites. Here are suggestions for keeping passwords and your information secure:

1.) change your password frequently 2.) never share your password with anyone 3.) try to choose a password so it doesn't need to be written down, but not so obvious others would easily guessrepparttar 133522 password

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