Socialist Public Schools In America

Written by Joel Turtel

Many parents might think it a bit farfetched to compare our public schools to schools in socialist or communist countries. However, if we look closer, we will see striking similarities betweenrepparttar two systems.

Inrepparttar 150950 former socialist-communist Soviet Union, for example,repparttar 150951 government owned all property and allrepparttar 150952 schools. In America, public schools are also government property, controlled by local government officials. In Soviet Russia,repparttar 150953 government forced all parents to send their children to government-controlled schools. In America, compulsory-attendance laws in all fifty states force parents to send their children to public schools.

The Soviet rulers taxed all their subjects to pay for their schools. Here, all taxpayers pay compulsory school taxes to support public schools, whether or notrepparttar 150954 homeowner has children or thinksrepparttar 150955 schools are incompetent. Inrepparttar 150956 Soviet Union, all teachers were government employees, and these officials controlled and managedrepparttar 150957 schools. In America, teachers, principals, administrators, and school janitors are also government employees, paid, trained, and pensioned through government taxes.

Inrepparttar 150958 Soviet Union, most government employees could not be fired they had a “right” to their jobs. Public-school employees in America also believe they have an alleged right to their jobs, enforced through tenure laws. As we will see later, in America, it's almost impossible to fire tenured teachers. In communist Russia, competence and working hard didn't matter very much —repparttar 150959 government paid most workers regardless of their performance onrepparttar 150960 job.

In America, public-school teachers’ salaries depend on length of service competence is irrelevant. In communist Russia,repparttar 150961 elite ruling class had estates inrepparttar 150962 countryside while peasants starved. Here, public-school authorities get fat salaries, pensions, and benefits while our children starve for a real education.

In communist Russia, government control of food supplies created eighty years of chronic famine. In America, one hundred and fifty years of public schools has created an educational famine. Millions of public-school children can barely read whilerepparttar 150963 system wastes twelve years of our children’s lives.

Public Schools Are Un-American

Written by Joel Turtel

Compulsory-attendance laws force parents to send their children to public schools. These laws presume thatrepparttar politicians we vote into office, our agents, haverepparttar 150949 right to take away parents’ liberty and inalienable rights.

Compulsory education means that in America, contrary torepparttar 150950 common view, we no longer live inrepparttar 150951 land ofrepparttar 150952 free. Local and state governments that claimrepparttar 150953 right to control our children’s education also claim, in effect, that they own our children’s minds and lives for twelve years. That is an appallingly arrogant claim, especially in America.

One reason public schools get away with educational murder, year after year, is because local governments violate parents’ liberty and parental rights with impunity. Local governments don’t own or run food stores, auto showrooms, office-supply stores, or pre-schools and private colleges in America. Yet they ownrepparttar 150954 public schools and control 1st through 12th grade education in America.

Do government officials have any right to dictate how we should educate our children? To answer this question, we have to examine what our Founding Fathers understood to berepparttar 150955 real function of government. Inrepparttar 150956 Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson clearly statedrepparttar 150957 moral nature and purpose of government:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these rights are life, liberty, andrepparttar 150958 pursuit of happiness—that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers fromrepparttar 150959 consent ofrepparttar 150960 governed. . . ."

The Declaration of Independence affirms that we have natural rights as human beings to “life, liberty, andrepparttar 150961 pursuit of happiness.” It establishesrepparttar 150962 principle that we,repparttar 150963 people, acting individually and by free consent, created our government only to protect and secure our natural rights as human beings. That is government’s sole legitimate function.

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