Social Engineering

Written by Richard Lowe

Social Engineering isrepparttar attempt to gain access to sensitive data (such as password, usernames and credit card numbers) by gaining trust. This method of gaining access to a system is very popular among hackers. It is often surprisingly easy and even more often successful. THIS IS PROBABLY THE MOST SUCCESSFUL AND MOST USED METHOD OF GAINING ENTRY TO ACCOUNTS!

Here's how it works. You might receive a phone call from a representative of your computer company claiming there is a problem which requires immediate attention. He may offer to come right over and fix it (or, in a variation, he might send you a disk inrepparttar 127571 mail). Of course, while he is there, he reboots your system with a "diagnostic" floppy inserted intorepparttar 127572 drive. Whenrepparttar 127573 "tests" are done you will be relieved to find out from him that nothing is wrong with your system. Naturally, you were just infected with a Trojan house which gives this stranger complete access to your system and all of your data files.

A more common social engineering scheme (especially on America Online) is to send out an email which says there is a problem with your account. Would you please send your username and password by return email so it can be fixed? Or perhaps you are asked to visit a web site, which naturally requires you to log in with your username and password. You might be asked to call a phone number, whererepparttar 127574 very official sounding person onrepparttar 127575 other end will just want to verify that your account is yours by getting your credit card data.

An example of a standard social engineering attack is shown below.

From: Security@yourISP.Com To: taylorwayne@yourISP.Com Subject: Account Compromised

We have detected a major security breach to several accounts on our network. While we do not believe that your account was among those compromised by hackers, we recommend that you check your account data immediately.

To verify your account, just visitrepparttar 127576 following URL:


Login to your account and check your data. Make special note ofrepparttar 127577 last login data and time. If anything appears to be incorrect, please send an email to security usingrepparttar 127578 link atrepparttar 127579 bottom ofrepparttar 127580 page.

Nigerian Scam Warning

Written by Lynda Appell

Scam Warning-Important According to this is one ofrepparttar top worst scams onrepparttar 127570 Net.

Admittedly this column is not about disabilities. However I think it is important and relevant since it is about a problem that seems to prey on people with disABILITIES

Yours truly doesn't mean to imply that disabled people arerepparttar 127571 only victims of scam artists. The truth is that this population is especially targeted. The reasons I believe are several. First many disabled people are on fixed incomes sorepparttar 127572 appeal of getting rich quick may have some appeal. Second scammers assume that just because someone has a disability that they are an easy touch for them. Not assuming anything about gullibility. Please take this as a warning only. If you are skeptical already, great. More power to you

There are many scams on repparttar 127573 net. In essence, if it sound too good to be true, it almost always is One warning sign is if you have to pay money to get in, its a ripoff. Also if there's a time pressure or any other type of pressure that should be a sign to warn you too.

There is one particular scam that claims if you are willing to fly to Uganda and meetrepparttar 127574 wife ofrepparttar 127575 former leader of Togo, you will get millions of dollars. This is an actual scam. For more information please go to Many people have lost their live savings with this scam and even gotten in trouble withrepparttar 127576 law. They are stranded in Togo with no help fromrepparttar 127577 Togolese govt. or their native country

Believe it or not, to coin a phrase, many people, too numerous to count have actually fallen for this foolish scheme. The illicit plan has been around for close to twenty years !!!

I know about this one because I received several of their emails. I can honestly say I did not fly to Togo and I was not a victim. I don't want you to be one either.

Note: I am not condemning repparttar 127578 Togolese people, Nigerians and all other African People, African Americans or People of Color anywhere inrepparttar 127579 world.

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