Sober drivers, not!

Written by Florie Lyn Masarate

Alcohol has always been a problem in society then and now. Its negative and drastic effects are attributing to accidents and other misconducts that people under its spell are getting into. What would happen if you combine this with driving? You would get disaster in caps. Drivers are always been warned against drinking and driving or vice versa. Media played its role inrepparttar campaign agent drunk driving. They show advertisements to emphasize their points. Films were done regarding what happens and what may happen. And real life footages of events involving accidentsrepparttar 146075 result of drunk driving. The internet takes on inrepparttar 146076 action, posting articles regarding this, putting pictures too to state their point in pictures. Still,repparttar 146077 numbers remain. Drunk driving is still rampant. Reports have shown that inrepparttar 146078 United States alone, 17,000 people, in a year, are killed in drunk driving and more than 250,000 injured. When driving, drivers are given full responsibility for whatever their actions may result to. Oftentimes, many innocent people’s lives are taken away by these accidents. It is disconcerting to note that they arerepparttar 146079 victims of another person’s irresponsible doing. Steps have already been made on how to solve this problem. Communities are given awareness in preventing such situations and promotingrepparttar 146080 decrease inrepparttar 146081 number of cases. Police are also given assignments to be on alert for any possible signs of drunk driving, acting before an accident can happen. Punishments are becoming more and more severe in an attempt to somehow minimize these cases. It can be noted thatrepparttar 146082 cases of drunk driving have lessened fromrepparttar 146083 time that people have been doing more preventive measures. Posting more awareness and know how also helped.

What’s in a logo?

Written by Florie Lyn Masarate

When you see a red letter “M” with yellow lining, what comes to your mind? McDonalds. Upon seeing a slowly forming castle atrepparttar beginning of a film, you would know it is from Walt Disney. Other things, persons, organizations that even before their names or appearance, people has instant recognition. What made them so? Their logos.

Logos arerepparttar 146022 trademark that represents an organization or a group. They are created for easy and instant recognition. When logos were first used, its main purpose was to give distinction between products ofrepparttar 146023 same industry. They were put on labels, tags and packages so people can easily recognizerepparttar 146024 one they preferred. Little didrepparttar 146025 early users of this know that theses logos would define and revolutionizerepparttar 146026 advertising world.

The most important thing making a logo isrepparttar 146027 concept. Does it represent exactly whatrepparttar 146028 company is about? Be able to determine if it is fitting torepparttar 146029 company or person. How will people react to it? Making it as eye-catching and as simple as possible to be able to reach out to all types of people. Will it have a lasting effect? It has to be memorable enough forrepparttar 146030 people to not forget them a day after and inrepparttar 146031 years to come.

The problem encountered in companies having a successful and well-known logo is that it is difficult for them to change it whenrepparttar 146032 time comes. People tend to get used torepparttar 146033 usual logo that when it had to change withrepparttar 146034 changing time, confusion and misinterpretation is like to happen. Companies made changes butrepparttar 146035 old style is still present, like colors and design, to keep up with what people had gotten to know and used to already. Examples of these are Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Their transition fromrepparttar 146036 old torepparttar 146037 modern logo is not that different,repparttar 146038 same style is still there.

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