So you have bought your first DSLR?

Written by Nick Stubbs

Ok! So you have bought a DSLR (Digital SLR)…now what?

You have joinedrepparttar ranks ofrepparttar 136903 "keen amateur photographer" by buying a new digital SLR, but what do all those buttons and bits actually do?

The way things are going what with pricing and technology, I can see a boom about to happen with regard to Digital SLR sales.

People who have previously just owned film or point and shoot digital cameras, will now as prices fall, haverepparttar 136904 opportunity to joinrepparttar 136905 rest of us inrepparttar 136906 exciting world ofrepparttar 136907 Digital SLR.

I can imagine that for a lot of peoplerepparttar 136908 transition will be exciting but also a tad confusing. Even if you have owned a film SLR inrepparttar 136909 past, I can guarantee that it didn't have this many buttons all over it with "custom functions" andrepparttar 136910 like!

These new breed of cameras are quite simply amazing and I despair when I see reviews and forums airing their disappointment that a new camera just released hasn't addressedrepparttar 136911 issue of "having to go torepparttar 136912 menu" to make an alteration.

When reading reviews about a particular digital SLR camera that you wish to purchase, please take it with a pinch of salt. The reviewers are there to delve into every possible avenue open to discussion and any personal gripes should not put you off.

If cameras were released with everyone's whims catered for,repparttar 136913 camera would have no room for a viewfinder or lens because ofrepparttar 136914 hundreds of buttons everywhere. What you need to do, even if you never use them, is to learn what each button, gadget and gizmo actually does just in case you need it one day.

Gemstone Collecting

Written by Debra Hamer

Personally, I have become fascinated with gemstones (precious and semi-precious stones). I am amazed atrepparttar array of colors and properties of these little treasures found inrepparttar 136884 earth. God created something truly amazing for us to look at and to adorn ourselves. Many of these tiny treasures are a fantastic investment. Purchasing a rare and beautiful gemstone that will significantly appreciate is an opportunity for everyone to enjoy and benefit. Making a return or to pass down throughrepparttar 136885 generations, gemstone collecting can be a rewarding and profitable hobby.

I've been passionate about gemstones and collecting gemstones for quite some time now. My fascination started a couple of years ago and I've become an avid collector ever since. I am exhilarated when I make a new find of beauty or value. Of all ofrepparttar 136886 things I've collected in my life, this has beenrepparttar 136887 most rewarding. I'm also making investments that will continue to increase in value for myself and my heir's.

I've gathered quite a lot of information about gemstones and thought it would be wonderful to put all of this information into one source for new collectors so they wouldn't have to do all ofrepparttar 136888 searching and gleaning I've had to do to become a more knowledgeable gem enthusiast.

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