So you have a blog, now what do you do with it? Blog Basics

Written by Sherry Holub

(This article assumes that you have already set up a blog on your website. I highly recommend using sBlog:

What started out as just a way for you to write an online journal has quickly turned into a very viable internet marketing tool. The weblog, or blog for short, has become a great way to draw attention to your website. Below I will discussrepparttar steps you need to take to makerepparttar 147769 most of this new tool.

1.Content: Probablyrepparttar 147770 most important feature of your new blog isrepparttar 147771 content - what you post. As an example, you can see what my own company, JV Media Design, has put up here: . You will notice that we post a lot of articles related torepparttar 147772 business of design andrepparttar 147773 internet. Content that is relative to your business or industry isrepparttar 147774 most effective. Articles, news, tips, tutorials, and links or other resources are all great examples of what would be considered good content for your blog.

2.Updates: Optimally, your blog should always be up to date with fresh content. Of course, this can't always berepparttar 147775 case, so it would be advantageous to update your blog as much as you can. If you can managerepparttar 147776 content, a few times a week would be enough to keep your information fresh. There are plenty of free resources online that could help you with content. Simply do a search in your favorite engine for "free site content" or "free articles" and you should fine multiple links that could make it even easier for you to keep your blog up to date.

3.Links: Once you have some content posted into your blog, you will want to tellrepparttar 147777 internet world about it. The best way to do this is to submit your RSS feed link to sites that accept those feeds. What's an RSS feed you ask? RSS is another acronym for "RDF Site Summary", "Rich Site Summary", or "Really Simple Syndication". Basically, it's just a format for sending out your content to others. The best resource for where to submit this link is: It might take you a couple hours to go through this list, but I highly recommend submitting to allrepparttar 147778 links you can. Simply click on a submission link onrepparttar 147779 list and then followrepparttar 147780 directions. Most sites will ask for your "RSS 0.91" or "RSS 2.0" feed link.

Scare Of Creating Your Own Info Product?

Written by Jaz Lai

Donít be scare off when you hear about product creation orrepparttar term Ďproductí. Basically a product can be almost anything you put together that pass on quality information, and contrary to what you may think, it can be created very easily once you know how.

An important element of a paid product is it must consist of information or resources that are not available elsewhere for free.

This is obvious if youírerepparttar 146926 intention of selling it, which is different from using it as a lead generator. Iíd like to point out three important elements that will greatly increase your profits inrepparttar 146927 long run.

1) Use PDF to deliverrepparttar 146928 information. This is so even for software, simple placerepparttar 146929 download links inrepparttar 146930 PDF document. The reason is because PDF is a universal application that can be read by all computer users, plus itís faster and safer to download forrepparttar 146931 user.

You can find this free tool at

2) Build in viral marketing mechanisms into your PDF. Include your website URLs prominently and strive to build a targeted opt-in list atrepparttar 146932 same time.

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